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DS snores

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trolleycoin Tue 26-Nov-13 00:26:49

Is this anything to worry about or not? He's 2 and a half. It's not all night, just the first hour or so of night time sleep.

His dad snores like you would not believe as does his grandad. His dad also had issues with adenoids, tonsils and grommets as a kid, but I didn't know if snoring mighy be a sign of something else.

theignored Tue 26-Nov-13 01:06:49

its only a problem if it is affecting him in some way.
my dd snores, I never thought it was a problem until she started wakening several times a night with a dry mouth. now age 3.5 were seeing the ent as she has speech problems which they think is due to large adenoids and tonsils, hence the snoring. I'd keep an eye on it, if it starts affecting his sleep take him to the gp

ipswichwitch Tue 26-Nov-13 01:57:11

DS is 2 and he also snores. It has been brought up many times with the Gp as he's had several bouts of tonsillitis, and does have large adenoids too. He is a noisy breather in general, but they keep saying its fine and he should grow out of it by the time he's 7! Problem is, it does wake him a few times a night - he either gets so loud he wakes himself or does that funny sounding snuffly/snorty thing where it sounds like his breathing rhythm got disturbed.

I honestly don't know what else we can do if the GP's keep insisting its all fine - it's not them that have to keep getting up to settle him back to sleep again.

mawbroon Tue 26-Nov-13 14:23:27

DS1 snored from the beginning.

I discovered age 5yo that he had tongue tie and a high palate, both of which can contribute to snoring and apnoea.

millymolls Wed 27-Nov-13 14:43:59

is he settled in his sleep? My DS was a terrible snorer, but was also very unsettled at night and woke frequently - then was pretty tired during the day needing a good 2-3 hour afternoon nap still at the age of 3.

He also suffered alot with tonsilitlis and ear infections and glue ear. HAving been to ENT it was found he needed to have tonsils and adenoids removed which they believed were causing restricted night time breathing. At 3, he had the operation and his snoring stopped instantly, his sleeping radically improved overnight and remains that way 4 years later.

As mentioned upthread, i would keep an eye on it and if his sleep is disturbed or if he is really sleepy during the day as for a referral as it could be a sign that his quality of sleep is poor.

hawkmcqueen Thu 28-Nov-13 16:36:03

My DS is a snorer as he has enlarged tonsils. He was referred for consultation and they are healthy. Tonsils are graded in size 1-4 and his are a 3. They would only take further action if they caused obstruction like when eating or if they caused apnoea(sp). I would still ask for a referral as large tonsils can be a sign of other conditions.

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