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Hand, foot and mouth? Or some other viral thing?

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Sleepyfergus Mon 18-Nov-13 15:19:35

Jeez, loads of spelling mistakes. Hope you got the gist.

Sleepyfergus Mon 18-Nov-13 15:17:44

Thanks for your post. I was beginning to feel unloved!

No real change his morning. Spots on chin look a bit angrier, not blistered but on their way to drying and scabbing. I'm trying to decide if she has a new one on the edge of her nostril, but she's really snotty at the ok too and not taking kindly to tissue wiping and being examined! I did however mange to get a look in her mouth and no blisters.

Nothing on hands or feet either, but a couple of tiny raised blister like (but too small to really tell) in one arm.

She's the life and should, still eating for Britaon and not affected in the slightest. When DH dropped off DD1 today at same nursery, there are - few more cases, so I suppose se does have it but mildly (phew) I did wonder if it might be secondary impetigo as she does suffer from mild eczema. I'm going not as the google images are extreme and horrific. Poor souls!

theeternalstudent Sun 17-Nov-13 23:13:13

does sound like it is. Any more spots appeared?

Sleepyfergus Sun 17-Nov-13 16:03:06

Dd2 aged 16mo woke up this morning and after breakfast (normal breakfast, nothing new food wise) 3 individual red, blistery spots appeared under her bottom lip/chin. My immediate thought was HF&M as there is a case in her nursery at the mo, but not in her room but in dd1s room. Dd1 hasn't had HF&M and not showing any obvious signs.

So far it's just these 3 spots, and nothing on her hands or feet. Does this sound like HF&M?? I've never experienced it before. Thanks.

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