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One year old DD scratching head

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googietheegg Tue 11-Jun-13 14:06:20

I'm at my wit's end! Dd is 13 months and for the last six months or so she's been really scratching her head. It's behind both ears and she does it usually at least once a day at random times, so not just when she's hungry/tired/bored.

I've been to the doctors and the paediatrician (I'm in France) and everyone just says its normal and just a habit. But it's obviously really bothering her so I'm worried its something else

We're careful to rinse her hair, only washing it every couple of days.

The doctor checked her skin and its not broken and there's no headline or anything. We look after her at home so she's not around loads of kids either.

The doc also checked eyes and ears and nothing there.

I'm hoping there's a wiser person here on mumsnet that can help!

salt1 Mon 10-Mar-14 15:25:21

same thing here. seems to mostly happen at night. I notice it is a while since you posted, has anything changed for you? I feel so stressed out about it, and feel like the worlds worst parent when I take her to nursery x

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