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cellulite in children, anything i can do?

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Katnisscupcake Mon 20-May-13 17:45:44

This sounds a bit strange I know. But I noticed that when dd was born she had a lot of cellulite on her tummy, bottom and legs. I noticed it because it was different to the usual baby dimples.

I put it down to the fact that she may have more fatty deposits because I had gestational diabetes and thought maybe that was the cause. I come from a family of mixed sizes. I was a size 10 until I hit 30 when I went up to a size 12. I am now a 14 since having dd because I didn't really worry about losing the baby weight. I look slimmer though apparently, because i am tall. Dh's family are also mixed sizes but have a tendency to get big.

Dd however is tiny. At 3.11 (she will be 4 in June) she only weighs 13kg and is the size of a 2-3 year old at only 94cm tall.

But she still has the cellulite badly on her tummy, bottom and legs. Of course she hasn't noticed it and i haven't mentioned it to anyone. But should I be worried? Will it ever go?

I got cellulite at 17 when I gave up ballet but I am still very conscious of it and I guess that's why I notice it on dd.

Is there anything that I can do?

hellymelly Mon 20-May-13 17:50:26

cellulite is just fat, she just has natural baby chub by the sound of it. I can't imagine she is any different to any other toddler but you could ask your GP if you think she does look different from her peers.

SauceForTheGander Mon 20-May-13 17:54:04

Don't all little babies and toddlers have it? Mine did / do. I love it, it looks gorgeous and kissable.

FrancesFarmer Mon 20-May-13 17:59:27

It's normal - don't worry about it.

Katnisscupcake Mon 20-May-13 18:01:51

She does appear to look different to her peers as ive never noticed it on their tummys (obviously I don't want to openly stare though!). My mum has pointed it out aswell and said that the 5 of us never had that and that we had normal baby chubbiness but not what looks like proper adult cellulite.

Dd has no fat at all though, it appears to be under the skin, even though she's very slim. I think it's the fact that it's been exactly the same since she was born.

Maybe I am worrying over nothing...

Wuldric Mon 20-May-13 18:07:06

You are silly!

Toddlers are chubby. They have dimples of baby fat everywhere. Very lovely and kissable.

I reminded DS (now a teenager) that I used to kiss his bottom. He squirmed smile

Katnisscupcake Mon 20-May-13 18:12:16

Actually, I guess it could just be that dd is a very slow grower and will eventually grow out of it... her feet have been a size 5 for over a year now! Lol

SauceForTheGander Mon 20-May-13 19:12:05

Obviously don't rely on us. Please don't worry but please chat to your doctor if you really think there's a significant difference.

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