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6 days post tonsiladenoidectomy.. ds consantly feeling sick and in pain

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pinkprincess1206 Wed 01-May-13 09:37:43

Hi, My son (4) had surgery last wed tonsils and adenoids out grommets in. He was doing really well, in lots of pain but was managing to eat and drink. This stopped about 3 days ago. He is screaming in pain with his ears and constantly crying saying he feels sick. I took him to gp last night- theysaid he is doing well in terms of op recovery and to keep up with pain relief etc.
Any suggestions from other mums that have experienced this, on the ear pain, feeling sick and getting them to eat?
I think he feels sick because he has no food in his tummy?


Elibean Wed 01-May-13 10:57:55

I can't help with the ear pain per se, but I can tell you that there is often a second wave of pain around the one week mark - its because the scabs start to fall off, or something. Once they have, things get a lot easier.

dd2 had a lot of pain post adenotonsillectomy, but no grommets and no ear pain or sickness - just throat pain. Throat pain can refer to the ears, though.

If he hasn't got a temperature, it could well be just that second wave healing scabs thing - but if his ears are that painful, I would phone the ward where he had his op and ask them about it? Did they say you could phone post-op? dd ran a slight temp the day after her op and I was able to do this, and the Consultant rang me back.

Re eating, I wouldn't worry too much - ice lollies, or whatever he fancies, just to keep him hydrated most important.

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