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Rash/itchy 3 weeks on??? HELP!!!

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Mummy252 Wed 17-Apr-13 01:07:18

Ok so 3 weeks ago now I noticed dd (20 months) scratching her foot. It had a big red lump on it which at the time I thought this was an ant bite.
The next day she continued to scratch and it seemed to be a few bumps now.... Maybe a couple of ants?
Then the next day the same bumps appeared on her other foot. They really did look like ant bites, red and lumpy. But I now began to worry as they seemed to be getting worse and spreading so clearly couldn't be ant bites. That night she was up throughout the night scratching and in the morning dh spotted some on her hands. Again under the skin red bumps. She had barely slept and was clearly irritated so we went to the gp on call place (Easter Sunday)
He said she had hand foot and mouth disease, have us pirotin type medicine said she will prob get them in her mouth too and nothing you can do will last a week. So we gave medicine (they never appeared in her mouth). But it provided little/no relief. She was falling asleep purely through exhaustion, crying and scratching, and then would wake up 2-3 hours later the same. She couldn't get back to sleep so I was up fm for hours in the middle if the night watching Disney movies etc.
it really seems to bother her as she is trying to settle, doesn't bother her as much when she's active.
Anyway 1 week and 7 sleepless exhausted nights later. (Did I mention I was 34 weeks pregnant just to add to the sheer exhaustion here??) we went back to GPS as they now seemed to have spread to her arms n legs but rather than big bumps they were now a fine red rash but raised off her skin. She still seems bothered predominantly by her feet n hands. She's had chicken pox and the rash/bumps look nothing like hand foot mouth pics on google. So gp says not hand fppt mouth, is a viral infection so gave us cortisone cream and said use calpol. Nonspecific viral infection.
The cream does seem to help some of the time and the bumps have gone a lot better, but she is still waking up 2/3 times a night saying "scratchy scratchy" and crying and scratching herself normally taking an hour to settle herself again.
So 2 weeks of no sleep and Disney movies at 4am, 4 days of waking and scratching her and rubbing cream into her for literally hours at a time and of course being horribly invomfortable myself anyway due to the pregnancy and I just feel like crying.
I feel terrible for my little hirl who is clearly so uncomfortable, but at the same time I'm exhausted and fed up of scratching, being kicked as she jumps with the itchyness and generally just being driven mad by something we don't even know what it is.
Like I said she is improving but 3 weeks of this seems like a lifetime!!! Any advice?
And yes my husband could take turns to get up with her but he's working and I'm off on mat leave now plus dd just screams for mummy and won't settle at all for him. So it's basically all down to me.

Meganlillymai Thu 18-Apr-13 20:33:16

Could possibly be scabbies. Wich by the way isn't a dirty thin. My daughter had them n they sounded a lot like that. Doctor said didnt look like a scabie rash but it turned out to be in the end.they itch like hell it's horrendous!!

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