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Bed Wetting - Regressing - do I go back to nappies?

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lynniep Sat 02-Mar-13 18:44:30

he is 6. today. the point of the query is to question whether we should continue with the process or give up and go back to nappies (a rose by any other name - pj pants if that sounds less babyish, I have found them to function the same way but cost much more than pull up nappies) he hasn't worn one this year at all. I dont know why he has regressed as I thought 70% was pretty good, but if that was just luck and hormonally hes just not there, is there any point to continue putting him through it? or should we take a break for a bit.

BeaWheesht Fri 01-Mar-13 12:36:35

How does it sound like an infant pattern?

My ds is 6 and still wet at night - we've been told they will refer him at 6.5yrs old. He has never had a dry night and we pretty much tried the Same as you are doing - I would say he regressed in same way too.

I don't have advice unfortunately but you are not alone!

sherbetpips Fri 01-Mar-13 12:31:42

To confirm he is 6 years old? I think he is but then what you have written sounds like a pattern you would use with an infant rather than a school age child.
Are you using nightime pj pants or actual nappies?

lynniep Fri 01-Mar-13 11:58:25

My DS1 is 6 tomorrow. Since the christmas holidays we have stopped with the nappies as we were wondering if by wearing them he was more inclined to wee in them rather than auto-wake when needed. He was doing really well. By that I mean our process has been
a) trying to get him to drink more in daytime and only water
b) no drinks after 6pm
c) back to toilet to 'squeeze some out' after bedtime reading at approx 7.45pm
d) lifting him approx 10.15pm for final wee

I would say he has been dry 70% of the time and we made the decision not to go back to nappies as I suspect that when he was wetting it was in that last hour of sleep in the morning (I'd often go in and check about 5.30am and still dry)

I am aware that nighttime bedwetting is a chemical thing - but his body appeared to be ready as long as we lifted him. I'm wondering now if we've jumped the gun and he isnt ready. He doesnt auto-wake we were just hoping his body would retain the wee for want of a better phrase until waking up time.

The last fortnight, he seems to have completely regressed and I don't know why. He isnt drinking more, but he has usually wet the bed before we even get to lifting time (checked on him 9pm for instance and already wet in spite of bedtime wee)
Often even though we change him and put him back to bed, he wets it again before morning.

I'm a bit baffled but I'm wondering if we should go back to nappies for a bit. The poor kid is tired of waking up wet and having to be washed down and changed. His room stinks.

Any advice/opinions please?


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