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12 month old just diagnosed with Developmental dysplasia of the hip

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Bouncey Fri 21-Dec-12 11:33:13

This was spotted at DD's 12 month check. She's going to need surgery followed by several months in a spica cast. I'm devastated on the one hand, but grateful that it's been found (relatively) early. Has anyone got experience of this, particularly with an older baby? I've never started a thread before but would be so grateful for any advice others have.

I've just returned to work part time and DD is at nursery. While we can manage financially (just) if I gave up work for a few months, I'd rather keep DD at nursery where she can socialise with other babies, as I worry she might be rather isolated otherwise. How did others cope with nursery or childcare?

I'm also worried about DD's development after the cast is removed. She's not crawling (although almost there) or weight bearing. I wondered how long it takes after the cast is removed for the child to start meeting their physical milestones.

Lozmatoz Fri 21-Dec-12 19:51:49

I'm so sorry to hear this. I have no real experience of it but saw no one has yet responded. I had this very, very mildly when I was born (I had to wear double nappies to keep my legs my legs apart -glamourous!) and had a couple of doctors double check my ds when he arrived. He was fine.

It sounds very traumatic, for both you and your dd. I think you're right in that you're lucky it's been found now. I worked with a lady recently who had this as a child and is now quite disabled; her legs appear twisted and she struggles to walk. It wasn't diagnosed in her case. So bear in mind your daughter will be fine in the end. You just have to grit your teeth and get through it. My sister has a daughter with a disability and she is very assertive (well more like pushy) with the medical professionals and gets answers. Pester them and get all the info you can, she's your daughter so make sure you're in charge, not them.

Will the nursery keep her if she is in a cast? I agree, you should keep things normal for her. It'll ease the pressure for you and mean she'll enjoy the other children. If they won't due to H&S have you considered a child minder? My ds is going to one in march when I go back to work. They are much cheaper and I think the children get better one to one care.

Although I'm not a professional, because she is so young, I'm sure she'll catch up developmentally, in time. She has several years before school, she'll be running around with the rest of them happy as larry by then.

Sorry I can't really help here, hope a bit of support helps though. Best of luck, be strong and you'll both be fine. x

Hatescolds Sat 22-Dec-12 22:16:07

Not sure if you have already been told but the STEPS website is excellent source if info re DDH and treatment and forums full of info re spica

chesticles Sat 22-Dec-12 22:52:45

I don't have direct experience of this but there is a little girl at my tots group that has this. She wasn't diagnosed until she was over 2. When was in a huge cast for a number of weeks, and I think her mum did have to take her out of nursery, but she ( the little girl) coped really well and used to waddle about a bit once she got accustumed to the cast and used to use ride ons/tricycles a lot. Sorry, I don'treallyknow that much about it but just wanted you to know that the kids seem to cope really well.

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