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Blood in Toddler's stools. should I be worried?

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Pavlovthecat Mon 29-Oct-12 15:17:09

DS is almost 3. He uses his bowels regularly and they are pretty normal looking, they don't necessarily appear really hard, nor completely loose.

At the weekend (friday) DS went to the toilet late in the evening, he woke up for it around 11:30pm not his normal pooing time, and DH helped him, I was in bed and then DS came straight to me, climbed in bed and cried that his tummy hurt - he pressed/held his groin area on left and right to show me and to stop the pain. DH said his stools runnier than normal. DSs pain passed after about 5 minutes.

Yesterday his stool was quite loose again (not as loose as diarhoea excuse sp) there was some blood on the tissue and when I looked at the stool there was a little bit of blood streaked through it it seemed, although it might have been on the surface of it. The general colour was light brown.

He had a fever on saturday evening, and again in the day yesterday, but in general he was ok in himself.

Does not seem like constipation as he is not struggling with pooing. what else is it?

BeaWheesht Mon 29-Oct-12 16:22:17

Id get him seen

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