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Dr prescribing antibiotics without seeing toddler?!

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LadyCatherinedeBourgh Mon 22-Oct-12 12:14:57

22 month old DD had a cold end of last week, snotty, sneezy, the usual. On Saturday afternoon it developed to a high fever(39.8) controlled by calpol, so wasn't tooworried at that stage. On Sunday she started being more miserable, wanting more cuddles and holding her blanket over her ears, culminating in last night being v wakeful during the evening and turning a lot from side to side. Mum & I both thought it could be an ear infection, so rang dr surgery first thing this morning, expecting an appointment. Dr called back, suggested ibuprofen as well as calpol, and said she didnt need to see her. I asked if it was an ear infection should something else be done, thinking again she might offer to look in her ears. Instead, she looked at DDs notes, saw she had a chest infection in April and said that because 'I knew what I was doing' she would prescribe antibiotics for if the ibuprofen didn't work. Is this normal from a GP? I am a first time Mum and the illness GP was referring to was completely different! I would kick up a fuss but DD has improved today and seems ok with the calpol/brufen cocktail. I am not giving DD antibiotics without a GP looking at her first, do you agree? Or is this common practice with this sort of thing?

carocaro Mon 22-Oct-12 18:57:36

If she is getting better that hold off the anti b's. It is common practice for doctors to do this is there is a history eg: you mentioned the previous ear infection and that you thought this was an ear infection = previous history. I for one am glad of being able to do this over the phone as youngest DS now 5 has had repeated chest infections and I now know the drill and prefer not to have to wait 5 days for a an appt whilst he goes downhill. I do take him for face to face as well if I have any other concerns. But to answer your question it is common practice, which does not mean they dole them out like sweets, I have always had a detailed conversation over the phone before the anti b's are described.

Naghoul Mon 22-Oct-12 19:00:06

Our doctor will prescribe ABs for DS's ear infections at the drop of a hat.

He says that they get so painful that it's not worth messing about with DCs. I am inclined to agree with him since he seems right about everything else, and he doesn't prescribe for colds or anything stupid.

marriednotdead Mon 22-Oct-12 19:05:42

Agree with previous history making it easier. DS used to get ear infections and would go from fine to screaming and vomiting in under an hour. Being able to quickly get hold of antibiotics without waiting to see a doctor has been a lifesaver at times.

You know your child best so follow your instincts.

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