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Complex drug-resistant epilepsy?

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MFJulie Wed 13-Jun-12 12:57:41

Anyone with a child who has complex drug-resistant epilepsy knows just how massive the effect on the family this is. Young Epilepsy (along with Matthew's Friends) are holding a one-day information day in the Midlands for parents/carers and also a one-day meeting for any health-care professionals/schools/respite workers etc, both are in October 2012.
Young Epilepsy Home Page (where there are links to the professionals conference and the parents information day) -
The Information Day for Parents page is here -
The downloadable booking form for the Information Day for Parents is here -
The Complex Epilepsy Conference for Professionals page is here -
The downloadable booking form for the Complex Epilepsy Conference for Professionals is here -

Quorncider Tue 30-Oct-12 22:34:51

There is also a conference coming up for parents and professionals for the drug resistant epilepsy Dravet Syndrome.

It is on November 17 in Warrington.

More info here

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