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Hives - reaction to dental filling?

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baconsandwich Tue 13-Mar-12 15:07:40

My 8 year old had an accident, displaced two teeth and last week had a tiny white filling in one of the chipped teeth after a few weeks of the displaced teeth being splinted. The day after the filling he had an outbreak of severe itchy hives all over his body which calmed down after anti-histamines. Same thing has happened 3 times in total in 7 days. GP says severe allergic reaction to something but she didn't have a clue what. He hasnt eaten anything out of the ordinary or been in contact with anything unusual. Then when I tracked back in my diary to the day of the first attack I realised he'd been to the dentist. Does anyone think it could be the filling material? I've read on the www about itchy skin rashes being a reaction to amalgam fillings but nothing yet on the white ones. He is mildly asthmatic.

eragon Wed 14-Mar-12 12:38:51

if he is asthmatic does he have environmental allergies? its tree pollen season at the moment.

baconsandwich Wed 14-Mar-12 14:18:09

Thanks for your reply eragon. He hasn't had environmental allergies before though I suppose a new one could have started. I need to consider lots of possible allergens.

I have now found a scientific paper linking outbreaks of hives and other allergic reactions to composite filling material in case anyone else is interested - it's rare but it does happen.

MillyMollyMardy Wed 14-Mar-12 20:37:47

I think it's unlikely to be the composite filling. There would often be a red mark and swelling in his upper lip where the filling is if it's a reaction to the material.
The splint they placed usually has composite in it and he didn't react to that. You can't rule it out though.
Angioedema doesn't always have a clear trigger and may be difficult to work out the cause. Does he still have the hives now? What you really need is a passing dermatologist...

RussellGibson Tue 30-Dec-14 18:45:08

Hives. Here is my Hive story, Had a tooth filled with the white composite filling with in 4 days had a hive out break they would come and go for over a year and a half before i figured out the cause Had the white plastic filling removed with in 5 days the hives went away. Hive free for three years. Then decided to try it three years later in a different tooth. 5 days after putting the white plastic filling into my mouth Hives appeared all over again'. This time I removed the plastic filling right away around four days later was hive free. So if someone tells you it is not possible to have hives from a white plastic filling they do not know what they are saying. The first time I had them my face blew up all distorted. Took over a year and a half the first time to figure out that it was the White plastic Filling and its composite that was the cause of my Hives.

Mrsmorton Tue 30-Dec-14 18:50:00

Allergy to the White filling is one of the reasons that dentists retire early on medical grounds. That and bad backs.

RussellGibson Fri 02-Jan-15 17:13:33

I just have to clarify what I posted a bit the hives started to subside after
five or so days after removing the filling the itching stopped. But after I did have this kind of filling put in four or five days later they appeared and after removing them started getting back to normal. Why most Dentist seem to not be aware of this possibility is beyond me. Generally the first
comment out of there mouth is it is so small how can it do that. I told one the atomic bomb is small and look at the damage it has done.

RussellGibson Mon 30-May-16 12:18:33

After much thought I do think that BACTERIA from some dental procedure's
can be what is causing hives on some people and I would think the only
help for that would be an antibiotic of some sort's maybe clarithromycin
Not sure of this but do think it is very very possible. If you can find a Doctor
with an open mind discuss this with them. Of course some might disagree
but that is up to them to decide not me.

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