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Gem2981 Mon 17-Oct-11 09:12:58


My 9 month old DS started with a runny nose just over 3 weeks ago, a couple of days later he started with a chesty cough that now sounds like a deep bark. Have been to the docs who said just let it go through his system. About 4 days ago the runny nose stopped and the cough started to ease up, yesterday it came back as if it had never gone away. Has anybody experienced similar and can recommend anything to help? nightimes as you can imagine are a nightmare. I've read some people say start to use vitamins, or try a humidifier?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Nevercan Mon 17-Oct-11 20:29:30

If he is barking like a seal it could be croup. Karvol capsules you put on the bed sheets or a plug in are great for colds. Have you tried some cough medicine? Have you tried propping up the cot or matress so he is not laying totally flat which might help with snoozing

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