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Possible torticollis

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hazbaz Thu 25-Aug-11 16:35:49

Hoping for some advice please - DS2 was born with the help of a ventouse after another bleedin' long labour & pushing stage and i think he has torticollis. He has had a flat patch on the back of his head since about 3/4 weeks (he's now 10 weeks) as he favours the right hand side of his head whilst sleeping. When i look closely right hand side of his face is flatter than the left - HELP!!

I've taken him to cranial oestopath twice which helped and he was turning back to the left again or at least staying there when repositioned but still favoured the right and it seems to be getting worse again - when he starts to hold his head up he doesn't like to turn to the left and will hold it wonky. We try tummy time but he screams blue murder and vomits after a feed so tricky fitting it between amusing a toddler, trying to get him to nap etc. I try to keep him in a baby carrier during the day too but he's massive and this is starting to get painful after a few hours!!

Anyone had any positive results from GP / physio? What sort of thing did they suggest. Also try to keep toys etc on his left side but any other tips from parents in a similar situation would be much appreciated. Thanks

vincentvangogh Fri 26-Aug-11 12:37:10

both my kids had torticollis as a baby. GP referred us to physio very quickly with DS2, we did very simple muscle stretching exercises every time we changed his nappy and he was fine within 3 months. No time for head to get properly flattened. With DS1 we didn't spot it for ages and he ended up wearing a helmet to correct his head shape.

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