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Advice on weaning off Infant Gaviscon

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KSal Wed 24-Aug-11 15:47:41

Hi my 11 mo DS has been on Infant Gaviscon from the age of 6 months. He was a happy chucker like his sister and half doses (i.e. 1 dose per feed) have been enough to keep it under control without causing constipation. However, he's coming up to 1 year and I am conscious that he really should be keeping his milk down these days...

I have tried stopping putting it in his bedtime milk and have noticed that he started being pukey again... is this normal? does he need to learn to control it himself iyswim or is he just not ready to stop it yet? He has 3 milk feeds per day, if I drop the gaviscon from them one at a time, how long should I give it before dropping the next one for him to adjust...

I guess this should be discussed with the GP too, but I am interested in the experience that is out there. I weaned my daughter off gaviscon at the age of 1 and I ccan't for the life of me remember how I did it and how she reacted.


PrincessScrumpy Thu 25-Aug-11 10:13:12

I would discuss with gp as my dd1 was on it from 8weeks and we took her off it at about 18weeks, by which time she was on solids, and she was fine. No weaning necessary. Sounds like ds has a more serious reflux so consultant should take another look. Might be different when they're older as my experience is limited.

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