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Car sickness in 22 month old

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Huffpot Tue 26-Jul-11 08:13:01

Hi all, my 22 month old DS suffers from terrible car sickness even on short journeys
I've been into Boots and asked about a wristband but they're not made for under 2's

We're going on a journey to Ireland soon with a 7 hour drive so any suggestions gratefully received!

HowToLookGoodGlaikit Tue 26-Jul-11 08:59:39

My DS had it about that age, there isnt a lot you can do sad Take plenty spare clothes, plenty of sick bags, wipes and be prepared! Also, keep a window open, fresh air seemed to take the edge off a bit. Dont give him milk/dairy the morning before you leave, just because it makes smellier sick sad Orange juice is the least offensive smellwise and can help slightly with nausea.

The good news is, my DS grew out of it by age 3 - hopefully it will be teh same for you!

pollypb Tue 26-Jul-11 09:17:12

My DD had the same, she still has it now to a lesser degree and she is 16! She only lasted about 45 minutes on a car journey before being ill. I strongly agree to avoid anything milky at all prior to a trip. I think you need to consider what it would be like for an adult so avoid strong smelling car fresheners/your own perfume, keep the car well ventilated etc. Other than that just go prepared, I don't think there is anything else you can feasibly do to prevent it. Perhaps a couple of ginger biscuits? I also think there are some herbal tablets available but getting a 22 month old to take them would be difficult! Can you plan the journey for a time when your son would naturally have a sleep?

clux73 Tue 26-Jul-11 09:32:26

Both my daughters are really car sick. When my eldest got to the age of 3 I started giving her joyrides and they seem to work. I took my youngest to the doctor when she was about 22 months and he prescribed Phenergan. Its meant to be from the age of 2 but he said for the one off journey we were making before she would be 2 it would be completely safe. And it works!! She used to be sick every single time she got in a car. Now she has only been sick once in 18 months and that was more that she wasn't feeling well anyway, than being car sick. Highly recommend you getting a prescription from your GP. You can also buy it over the counter. You have to give a spoonful a night before travel and you can also give a second spoonful in the morning.

BertieBotts Tue 26-Jul-11 09:42:09

I'd look for medication as well especially if it's a long drive. Is it safe for him to sit in the front? If he's in a forward facing car seat he should be okay even if you have airbags (Though best to disable them if possible even in a FF seat) and in either situation, push the seat back as far as it will go. Then encourage him to look straight ahead, perhaps get him to tell you the colour of the car in front or the numbers on the numberplate or something. I found distraction helped as well, something like singing a song, anything you don't have to look at (so no reading, colouring or DVD players etc).

I think mine was made worse by anxiety as well, my mum used to pull over when I felt sick and reassure me if possible, but my dad used to say "She'll only be sick anyway" and keep driving until I was. I remember feeling sick the whole morning I knew we were going to do a big journey. I had joyrides as well and found the taste unbearably sweet (though possibly also related to the same anxiety - ie I associated the tablets with a long journey which would equal sickness) - and still if I even imagine the taste of them it makes me feel nauseous.

If you get the herbal tablets perhaps try crushing them into a spoonful of jam? And take some old towels with you - the worst thing for me was sitting in sicky clothes and on a sicky seat, and it's hard to hit a bucket when you're wearing a seatbelt - even harder at 22 months I'd imagine - my 2 year old has only the last time he was ill been able to manage a target.

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