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Not yellow but ds' middle toes growing odd..

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StartAllOver Sat 09-Jul-11 23:20:02

I dont know how to explain it and have attempted to google but its only bringing up fungal nail stories.

DS is 20m and has his feet measured and new shoes regulary but on both feet his middle toes are growing in a v shape, as in if you hold his foot down and look along the toe line all the other nails are flat but the middle toenail is raised in a quite pointy v shape.

I keep thinking its alright and will sort itself out but I noticed it at least 6 months ago and doesnt matter how i cut it, it still growing like it, and now when he's stood with no socks on its like its screaming at me 'I'M GROWING WEIRD'!!

He doesnt seem in pain(tho he's so ticklish i cant really inspect it for more than a few seconds each time)

Sorry this is long, any advice welcomed!!

Thank you!!

chuckeyegg Sun 10-Jul-11 20:57:17

If he is not bothered by it, I wouldn't really worry. You could mention it to the doc. To be honest I have weird toes, my second toe is above my big toe on one foot and tucked uner my big toe on the other and I am fine. I think! smile

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