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9mo refusing milk

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Newbabynewmum Mon 04-Jul-11 16:08:22

My 9mo has been refusing her milk the past few days. She has had nothing all day today or yesterday afternoon.

She has a very small amount of water out of a cup. My dr has just said give her water and don't worry. But I am worrying! She only has a tiny amount of water - it doesn't seem enough. She doesn't eat loads either so I'm worried she wont get enough food.

Shes been overly grumpy too the past few days. Had a few hours of crying and screaming here and there.

Can anyone help? Am I being PFB about this?

DeWe Mon 04-Jul-11 20:19:58

Is that bf or cup milk?
My ds went on nursing strike for 3 days when he was 4 months after he'd had an ear drum burst. What I did with him was wait until he was all but totally asleep and then he'd feed okish. Enough to keep him hydrated and me not bursting.
If your cup feeding then try her with a syringe or a straw just something a bit fun, or just give lots of yoghurt.

Pleiades45 Wed 06-Jul-11 09:28:26

DS2 gave up milk at 10 months. I tried in vain to get him to take it in one form or another but to no avail. Just make sure that your little one is getting enough fluids and try to substitute the calcium with yoghurt and maybe cheese. I used to grate cheese into mashed potato. I think the no milk phase lasted about 6 months. He now has milk as a drink and with his cereals.

Newbabynewmum Wed 06-Jul-11 20:14:54

That's nice to hear that they can get by without milk if need be.

We spent all day yesterday in hospital - they concluded that it is a virus and as long as shes drinking fluid she should be ok.

She hardly eats though, has had a small bit of water and squash today. She gets so so upset if I offer her a bottle, it's very worrying as she is a girl who loves bottles.

I don't really know what to do! X

firsttimemum90 Wed 06-Jul-11 20:28:10

maybe she is getting a cold or teething, my ds goes off his bottle when he's coming down with something and wingy. esp when teething he doesn't want anything near his mouth, could try the idea of when dd is nearly asleep to feed her.
last week ds had a horrible cold and didn't feed properly for 3 days and i was constant worry but soon enough he's taking milk again and solids. the old saying if shes having wet nappies she's hydrated so something to look out for.
hope she's back to herself soon

Newbabynewmum Wed 06-Jul-11 21:04:33

She's had one or two wet nappies a day - none the other day which is why I took her up to hosp.

They have calculated the minimum fluid she needs for her height and weight so I'm just trying to get that down her really.

She has had no milk for 3 days or so. Deary me. Children. Such a worry!

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