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London hospital for baby referral. Whittington, UCH, or Royal Free??

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mamaesi Fri 01-Jul-11 21:47:12

My baby is being referred for an eye problem...I have been given a choice of these hospitals...which would you chose?

Has anyone had any experiences with the pediatric departments in these hospitals?

bambiandthumper Fri 01-Jul-11 22:53:50

I know UCH has some connections with GOSH (where we are), so knowing nothing about any of them I would go with that, as GOSH are completely fab.
That is really unhelpful though.

JessKM Fri 01-Jul-11 23:21:47

Had experience of SCBU/NICU at UCH, absoutely outstanding, were there for our whole family. They also supported my daughter throughout a very difficult illness and again their care and compassion was nothing short of incredible, it was extremely personal, despite the fact you are a statistic in that hospital, the staff at childrens ward made us feel like we were the only thing that mattered!

Also they have a rapid referral scheme for children under a certain age or with certain conditions (maximum time we ever waited to see a consultant was about 8 days)

THe NHS choices website has reviews of individual services


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