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Bedwetting alarm or medication wwyd?

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nomadwantshome Thu 30-Jun-11 22:21:16

Dd-aged7 is still wetting in the night without fail. From what vie read it's not unusual and I'm not concerned about it per se but she has recurrent UTIs and is under the care of the hospital.

We had an appointment at our new hozzie today with a lovely paed dr. Dd gets irritation around her moo moo and bum especially at night which I think is the nappies, so i particularly want her out of them. I'm sure it can't be helping with the UTIs either although she hasn't had so many recently. Anyway the dr suggested either bedwetting alarm or medication or both. I'm not sure what route to go. I'm leAning towards meds purely for the fact I don't think she's getting enough sleep due to her db being adhd, sharing a room with her and keeping her awake. Even the teacher has mentioned on ocasions that she looks tired. Ok I think ive talked myself into meds tbh!

Having said that she's now on anti biotics long term and moivcol as dr thinks she's constipated. I just don't really want her on yet more medication. Oh gawd.

Any experiences or advice anyone?

ragged Fri 01-Jul-11 00:09:00

What about a short course of meds (say 2-3-6 months)? If she comes off the meds and problem still exists then go for the alarm. If that doesn't work after ~2 months then go for both.

I have a 7yo DS also still soaked most nights.

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