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Any advice x linked icthyosis

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osd Wed 15-Jun-11 22:26:35

Also posted this in general health but think it's better here. Hope it's ok to do that.

Hi just wondered if anyones son has x linked icthyosis, and what routine you use with creams and if you have heard or use anything on the market that isn't part of a regular doctors perscription and which routine works best for you.

My ds 2.5yrs has ups and downs and right now his skin is not great so as this condition is quite rare i just thought it might be good to find out things that might improve things for our little ones skin.

I am currently using the hydromols and balneums, capasal shampoo, oilatums skinny wraps, primrose oil creams, calmurid and hyrocotisones for eczema flair ups sometimes fucidn if the area is infected. Would love to know what you use and how you cope.

My ds hates the goose fat hydromol but likes the wraps, generally hates the whole regime and can be very difficult, i just wondered also if anyone has heard of fish pedicures and have tried the all body treatment. I keep wondering if this would be any good for him? Anythings worth a try.

Ok sorry this is long but thanks for all the help.

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