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What can I give a 6 year old for diarrhoea?

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mummyloveslucy Fri 10-Jun-11 20:07:47

I'm not sure if I've spelt that right, but if your in any doubt, I mean the squits. wink
She's had them most of the day today, but usually suffers from constipation. She has special needs and has never had much control of her her bowels, but now I've lost count of the times I've cleaned her up today.
What do you recommend?

swampster Fri 10-Jun-11 20:49:22

No squit expert here but I think the most important thing is to keep them hydrated. So plenty of water, the oral rehydration sachets are brilliant if you can persuade them to take them - tiny bits at a time is better than none.

Last squit episode in my house a paediatrician friend advised letting my DS have whatever he fancied eating. Though I have always gone by BRATY for dodgy tummies - bananas, rice, apples, toast, yoghurt - basically anything bland and pale in colour!

Hope your DD is better soon.

thisisyesterday Fri 10-Jun-11 20:52:13

it isn't recommended to give anything to um, harden it up, so to speak as the body needs to get rid of it

so, horrid as it is, I would just ensure that she is hydrated, and buy some rubber gloves grin

swampster Fri 10-Jun-11 21:04:23

I swear by J Collis Browne's tablets. They are old fashioned things that contain morphine! Not for children under six and probably not great for any people at all it truth be told. But they are amazing for settling sore tummies and sorting out any pain. I have been known to give DS1 one when he can't sleep with a sick tum.

orienteerer Fri 10-Jun-11 21:09:14

I didn't know J Collis Browne was still around, I remember my Mother giving it to me, great stuffgrin.

mummyloveslucy Sat 11-Jun-11 15:43:02

Thanks everyone, she seems to be over the worst now. She's not eating much but is drinking plenty so that's good.

Mamaz0n Sat 11-Jun-11 15:45:22

When DS was little he had diarrhoea for what seemed like forever. THe GP told me to give him flat coke. Glass of coke, allow it to go flat and let him drink it.

He was cured within 24 hours.

I now swear by this and tell everyone.

Everyone i have told has been equally impressed. I cannot explain how it works or why, just that it does

mummyloveslucy Sun 12-Jun-11 21:05:07

Oh thanks! I'll remember that for next time. smile

Does it work for adults, as she's now passed it to DH.

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