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Ear Wax Problem.

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MarioandLuigi Fri 27-May-11 14:25:52

DS is 4 and both his ears are blocked with wax - he often gets lumps that fall out but they just come back again.

He htes going to the GP - he has ASD and wont let me even clean them around the top if the ear - not the ear canal, just the stuff that overflows iyswim. He is very senitive and wont let a dr look in them as it will be too distressing. I can only look in them by playing a special game.

Can I get any ear drops which might help the problem?

bunnybunyip Fri 27-May-11 22:56:56

I would only bother if it seems to be affecting his hearing; otherwise wax is normal and the ears natural way of cleaning itself.
If hearing affected olive oil is the best. Once ears clear can use once a week or so to prevent build ups.

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