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Anyone researched vaccines and can help me make informed decision?

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rimsky Sat 18-Dec-10 00:08:43

My DS received his 8 week jabs 3 weeks ago (the 5 in 1 and PCV). He was ill for 2 days, with a fever of 38.1 degrees c. He was inconsolable, and doses of calpol didn't seem to help at all. I was quite surprised at his reaction as he is a robust baby (75th centile) and assumed he would be ok.

I'm not sure if this is related, probably coincidence but since the jabs he hasn't seemed the same baby, very jumpy amd easily upset.

Both of these things are worrying and upsetting for me.

He is due his 12 week jabs next week and I really need some help making a decision.

What concerns me is many people say the reaction is worse for the 12 weeks than the 8 week jabs - is this true?

Is it possible that 6 immunisations too much for a small baby to cope with? Would single vaccinations be better?

Can I delay the jabs due at 12 weeks until I feel he is old enough to deal with a reaction better? Are there implications to this?

Or (and I really don't want this to turn into a debate) should I stop immunising him? Could someone has decided not to immunise tell mewhat research they have done, and could somebody summarise it or send me links (big ask I know!).

I just haven't the time to research the pros and cons and I haven't got much time to make my decision!


CaptainNancy Sat 18-Dec-10 00:12:12

MN actually has a whole vaccinations topic, where I'm sure there'd be lots of advice smile

nightcat Sat 18-Dec-10 14:28:35

u sure can delay... my ds only ever had 1st set and he is now a teen , every so often we got a reminder and replied he was unwell (partly true), the reminders have now stopped.
If you have any medical conditions in your immediate family, particularly affecting immune system, you might want to tread carefully as many are genetic and the susceptibility to adverse reaction might be higher than average.

It's a very personal decision, just make sure you are happy with whatever you decide.

zam72 Sat 18-Dec-10 15:37:25

I've only looked into MMR (and did that for my two) and have always had jabs on schedule. I found with the 6 week jabs DS1 was also inconsolable and hot for maybe a day and it made him grumpy and windy for about a week. I had also heard that the 12 week ones could be more severe, and was dreading it. But they passed with no problems - he didn't enjoy them, but his reaction was much less. So the more severe reaction isn't a given - depends on the baby.

As for delaying - if your baby was unwell (fever etc) on the day of the jab they recommend you delay until they are better (never needed to do this but I'm sure they might try and re-book for 2-3 weeks time after?). You'd have to your Dr's how long a gap between doses you can leave for the 1st dose to still be effective and provide immunity.

I think they vaccinate with newborns because as the maternal immunity declines so the acquired immunity from the jabs should kick in - to lessen the possibility of the child not being protected. I guess delaying significantly or not having further immunisations would leave your child unprotected (or possibly partially protected from the 1st dose) against the diseases the vaccines should protect against.

I'm not an immunologist (far too hard!) but am a scientist so had a quick look and found this article from 2009... 01 This suggests that the combined 5 vaccine has similar to less side effects than giving the vaccinations in single doses. Only one report obviously (there may be more but that was the first I saw, and I haven't read it all through either).

I'm a big believer in mother's instincts. However, sometime if you're worried about them then your instincts can go a bit skew-whiff. I know there was a big change in my two between 8 and 12 weeks as they became aware of themselves and their surroundings (DS1 wasn't so happy about all this but did have reflux to be fair, DS2 was still happy as a clam). I know with DS1 who we'd had loads of health scares with during pg and early days I was constantly on the look-out for evidence that there was something wrong. Possibly you're much more sane than me though!!!

Anyway, I think you can only go with what you're happy with. If you're not feeling too comfy with it at the moment then maybe just delay for 2-3 weeks while you gather your information together.

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