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URGENT. measles scare

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mamaloco Mon 02-Aug-10 06:34:49

Quickly. DD1 (5.5 yo) has had a high fever for 3 days (39 and above), muscle ache, tummy ache, sore throat.
She has been diagnosed on day 2 with tonsillitis, + otitis (ear infection).
On day 4, no more fever (but on nurofen), rash started on back then next day sprayed on arm then legs, around the eyes very red. Doc said, without seeing her, that is an allergy to antibiotics.
Day 5, unraised small red spot with withe ream around all over, red around the eyes and prickly pink tongue, mild fever again 37.7, headache and tummy ache.
If you take the antibiotics out of the equation, it does fit the measles diagnostic. She had MMR booster 6 months ago.
Is that possible?
Just worried about misdiagnostic, because DD2 is 6 mo and not immunised.

snickersnack Mon 02-Aug-10 07:03:32

Chances are she'd be immune post MMR but not unheard of. And dd2 will probably have natural immunity but again not a given - ds had it at 8 months.

You can ask for a blood test and mouth swab which is how they confirm measles (ds saw a lot of doctors as he was admitted to hospital and none of them would say for certain it was measles even though we were fairly sure it was - one doctor said she hadn't seen a case before, as even though it was on the rise most children didn't end up in hospital).

Lots of rest, fluid and vitamin A rich foods for dd1. And fingers crossed dd2 won't get it - she will probably be fine but keep a close eye on her and don't hesitate to get her looked at if she starts tonseem unwell.

mamaloco Mon 02-Aug-10 07:08:42

Thanks, I just feel a bit stupid for not going with the doc diagnostic. But I have a weird gut feeling confused.

Flighttattendant Mon 02-Aug-10 07:09:58

No. It started in the wrong place. I would though consider scarlet fever, due to connection with tonsilitis.

Measles starts behind ears and on forehead.

You've no need to panic in either case - it's Ok, try and get her seen though.

mamaloco Mon 02-Aug-10 07:14:02

flight the rash is very charracteristic for scarlet fever, it doesn't look like it

purepurple Mon 02-Aug-10 07:18:08

This sounds very similiar to a viral infection that has hit some of our toddlers in the nursery where I work.
They have had all the symptoms you mention, high temp, tonsilitis, noisy breathing when asleep and a rash over all of their body, particulary on the chest and neck. They also got bigger spots around their mouths. The doctor said it was just a viral infection, but they have been really ill with it.
Several of the children have had it and now the staff are picking it up too.
I am in St Annes, Lancs.

mamaloco Mon 02-Aug-10 07:28:00

thanks purple. I am thinking of some kind of virus too. I am too far from you though (across europe). And she doesn't breath heavilly. waiting for the doc answer (they are all on holidays, so phone and text... hmm)

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