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Does anyone remember this snowman book?

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l39 Sun 10-Jan-10 11:03:40

I have googled but I'm not getting anywhere...

I remember a book I loved as a child about a snowman who hatched from a snowball kept in a freezer. I think the human family built a male and female snowcouple and then found the snowball. Possibly the baby snowman was called Flump. I was born in 1969 so the book could have been published any time from the invention of freezers until the 80s I suppose. Does it ring a bell with anyone?

Shansim12 Tue 05-Jul-11 19:26:30

I too remember this book, it was one of my favourites as a little girl! I was born in 1971 and am desperate to get hold of a copy for my daughters to read. The baby Snowman was called Flump, that is one thing that i am definitely sure about. Can anyone help me with a Title or other significant information. I have also tried googling but to no avail.

Shansim12 Tue 05-Jul-11 19:44:32

OMG!! Just after posting my last message, I finally found this book on Google.

Book is called: THE SNOWBALL (Beaver Books)
Author: Barbara Sleigh.
Published by Hamlyn.
Release Date: 21 February 1980

Hope this helps......

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