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Favourite book character day.

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Bumpinthenight Thu 01-Oct-09 21:42:21


I was hoping for some inspirational ideas...

I work in a primary school and we have a "dressing up as your favourite book character" day next Friday. I work in a team of 6 and we would like to dress up as characters from the same book, and obviously a book that the kids are going to know!!

We have already discounted Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz and the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

We are a team of 5 women and 1 (fussy) man. We
also have to walk to the swimming pool through town.

Thanks in advance.

hormonesnomore Thu 01-Oct-09 21:45:29

The Famous Five and Timmy the (fussy) dog? grin

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