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Book for pony-mad girls aged 7 and up

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marialuisa Fri 06-Jun-08 15:13:51

Have just found out that Silver Snaffles by Primrose Cummings has been published again.

cadelaide Fri 06-Jun-08 23:58:48

What a fab publisher, will add to faves.

Don't know "Silver Snaffles", will get it for DD (pony-mad and 7, perfect!)

MarmadukeScarlet Sat 07-Jun-08 00:18:46

I've read loads of those, am going to get some for me DD.

Thanks for the link.

NickiSue Sat 07-Jun-08 00:23:28

Sandy Lane Stables from Usborne is a great series. "Look at them id=279"

Quattrocento Sat 07-Jun-08 00:23:30

Fab link - thank you - gosh the Far Distant Oxus - what a lovely book that was

Marina Sat 07-Jun-08 00:24:00

This is a lovely retro read too Ponies Plot

Quattrocento Sat 07-Jun-08 00:25:15

Oh I have read that - my word - how fantastic.

NickiSue Sat 07-Jun-08 00:25:43

Well thats bleddy annoying! Messed the link thingy up! sorry!
Bonny Bryant wrote the Saddle Club books too. Hope that helps!

seeker Sun 08-Jun-08 21:32:54

Marina - I think I love you! I hadn't thought about Ponies Plot for nearly 40 years - but I know my dd will love it!

harpomarx Sun 08-Jun-08 22:19:37

They might be a bit old for a seven year old, but I loved the Jinny and Shantih series by Patricia Leitch when I was a child. Magical stories set in the wilds of scotland, not prim and gymkhanaish but really exciting and romantic.

nkf Sun 08-Jun-08 22:23:47

I read the Pullein Thompson books. I think there were a couple of sisters. Still remember the Silver Brumby series.

Enid Wed 11-Jun-08 12:56:00

The Pony Camp Diaries series is very good. Nice writing, lots of techy stuff and aimed squarely at 7/8/9 year olds.

Please avoid Katie Price's perfect ponies unless you like hearing little girls call other little girls 'cows' and appreciate having a link to Katie's adult website on the inside front cover hmm

Enid Wed 11-Jun-08 12:57:28


have goosebumps

Fly by Night by KM Peyton is on that Fidra list

<<swoon tastic>>

mistlethrush Wed 11-Jun-08 13:17:09

I was horse mad as a child. I loved this series (description from Wikipedia):

"The Silver Brumby series is a collection of children's books by Australian author Elyne Mitchell. They recount the life and adventures of Thowra, a magnificent pale palomino brumby stallion, and his descendants, and are set in the Snowy Mountains region of Australia."

Also Rosina Copper is a magical book (by Kitty Barne) - sort of a Black Beauty brought upto date in a way...

NorksDrift Wed 11-Jun-08 13:26:32

these people publish old favourites as well.(not pony stories)

RosaLuxembourg Wed 11-Jun-08 13:52:34

I want Gay from China at the Chalet School.

Gingerbear Wed 27-Aug-08 15:23:56

bumping this thread - does anyone know where I can get hold of The Saddle Club books by Bonnie Bryant?

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