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Books about seperation for 5 yo

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Superhumancrew Thu 03-Sep-15 16:25:43

Hi this may have already been done but I can't find it so apologies if so. The situation is quite amicable, and DC isn't distraught (like the child in mum and dad glue). I really want a book which helps children understand the concept of having two homes, and that this can be normal and OK, and that it doesn't mean that the parents love them any less.

DC isn't overly emotional about it at the moment, but I think she's anxious and worried about the practicalities. I like the idea of two homes but the pictures are a bit freaky. I don't want when mumand dad forgot how to be friends because me and exp and trying very hard to keep things amicable and reassure DC that we don't dislike each other.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Anything that worked for them particularly?

DeRegReReg Thu 03-Sep-15 16:36:24

My two really liked Two Homes and still go back to it now. There's also one about birds (might be called two nests?) Which is quite nice, although I didn't especially like part of it about arguing / sending daddy to a new nest). We also had 'two of everything', although mum & dad in that do play mean tricks on each other!

Superhumancrew Thu 03-Sep-15 23:26:31

Thanks dereg, two homes seems like the best bet then. I just really hate the illustrations. I don't see why there isn't one which isn't a) overly sentimental and upsetting like mum and dad glue, or b) really horrible, about parents who actively dislike each other. Me and exp are being very careful to reiterate that we don't hate eacother as I think that's beneficial for DC.

DeRegReReg Fri 04-Sep-15 19:14:47

Yes, I agree, everything seems to focus on arguments and negatives. Two Homes is the only one I found which didn't at all and was just matter of fact about living in two homes. My two like to go through the pictures and choose which things they like most in each of them. I think they find the book quite comforting.

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