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Books for bedtime for 5yo DS please??

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earthpixie Wed 26-Sep-12 09:08:34

He's getting to the stage where his old favourite picture books are too babyish. I read him Fantastic Mr Fox recently which he loved but I'd like him to have some picture books still. Any recommendation gratefully received. Like most little boys he loves action, peril and scatalogical humour of all kinds!

Sorry if I don't reply for a while - going to a meeting!

Beanbagz Wed 26-Sep-12 11:02:51

How about Jeremy Strong? There are plenty to chose from, the stories are fun and there's a few illustrations in them. Just reading My Granny's Great Escape with my 7 year old DS.

Or the Billy Bonkers series by Nick Sharratt? Similar format and something your DS can progress onto reading himself.

My DS also like Beware of Storybook Wolves and The Story of Things

earthpixie Wed 26-Sep-12 12:35:55

Thanks, Bean - just added about 20 books to my Amazon wish list!grin

Pancakeflipper Wed 26-Sep-12 12:38:40

Stig of the Dump.

The series by Enid Blyon that are the Adventure series ( Mountain of Adventure, Sea of Adventure etc...).

Horrid Henry?

All the other Roald Dahl books
And Charlottes Web proved to be a big hit in our home

Harryc Wed 26-Sep-12 12:58:36

Check out the newly published Friesops Fables. Each tale has a moral. Set to rhyme but with slightly more challenging dialogue,
Friesops Fables

steppemum Wed 26-Sep-12 14:30:27

Noggin the Nog. Quite old, out of print, possibly the best boys books ever.
Modern version - Horrid Henry - some versions have lot sof pictures (break the longer books up into smaller steps, so put more pictures in.

Go to your library and ask. They have been amazing with my ds ordering books.

jsmum Thu 27-Sep-12 08:33:09

My children like My Naughty Little Sister - old but still nice to read. There are a few more book ideas at

earthpixie Thu 27-Sep-12 12:02:19

Thanks, these are great.

HappyAsEyeAm Wed 10-Oct-12 20:30:08

The Alfie series by Shirley Hughes. Nearly 5yo DS has loved Alfie and the Birthday Surprise for nearly a year. Dogger is also lovely.

The Runaway Train series by Benedict Blathwayt.

Baggy Brown by Mick Inkpen.

Teamthrills Wed 10-Oct-12 20:36:44

My 5 yr old ds likes the Winnie the witch box set called 'Winnie's top ten'. They aren't the picture book ones (although they do contain some picturs) & there's around 4 chapters in each book.

Also all Roald Dahl, Horrid Henry or Cat in the Hat books.

annidani8 Thu 11-Oct-12 11:46:26

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annidani8 Thu 11-Oct-12 12:04:49

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