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A book with a Charlotte character?

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WheeshtWillYe Thu 14-Jul-11 00:22:44

But not Charlotte's Web? Trying to find a book about a Charlotte for a first birthday gift. Doesn't necessarily have to be suitable for a baby, if she'll grow into it & it's a good one! Thanks so much for any suggestions.

qo Thu 14-Jul-11 00:29:58

Charlotte sometimes?

Awomancalledhorse Thu 14-Jul-11 00:29:59

There is a Jaquline Wilson book called 'The Lottie Project' about a girl called Charlie (short for Charlotte) who writes a fictional diary about a victorian servant called Lottie.

If it's something to 'grow into' would anything by Charlotte Bronte be worth a look?

Marrow Thu 14-Jul-11 00:32:12

Charlotte Sometimes is good.

PirateDinosaur Thu 14-Jul-11 00:42:37

Charlotte Sometimes is indeed great, although a grower-into.

WheeshtWillYe Thu 14-Jul-11 04:06:23

Oh, Charlotte Sometimes looks great - can't believe I haven't read it. Might have to get 2 copies!
Thanks everyone.

nothingnatural Thu 14-Jul-11 05:03:52

This David McKee book is utterly bonkers and odd. But wonderful mad pictures with lots to talk about with older children (3 upwards).

nothingnatural Thu 14-Jul-11 05:04:26

The book is called Charlottes Piggy bank btw, in case you can't be arsed to click on the link grin

WheeshtWillYe Thu 14-Jul-11 05:09:57

Thanks nothingnatural - I like bonkers! Artwork looks great.

ThumbsNoseAtSnapewitch Thu 14-Jul-11 05:14:47

Brave Charlotte - a sheep. And if you look at the other books below, there are a few more with Charlotte in the name. smile

ThumbsNoseAtSnapewitch Thu 14-Jul-11 05:15:29

Meant to say, Charlotte Sometimes is an excellent book too. smile

WheeshtWillYe Thu 14-Jul-11 05:53:58

Oh thank you - I like the look of Brave Charlotte. The Charlotte I am buying for comes from a very outdoorsy family so a mountain-climbing sheep will be just perfect. Off to buy it now (and Charlotte Sometimes for me smile)

Thank you everyone. I try to avoid the children's book threads as I have a serious addiction that does not need fuelled but this is so wonderful, I'll be back to lurk!

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