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Tear to labia

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millingtonsmummy Wed 31-Mar-10 21:41:45


I can't quite believe I'm writing this post 2 years after birth of DD but I wanted to ask if anyone has had similar experiences.

The left side of my labia tore during my ordinary vaginal birth and now hangs low IYSWIM. The midwifes at the hospital told me there was no damage to my perineum after the birh but didn't notice the damage to my labia. I asked a midwife to check me out on one of the post natal visits at home as i was in a lot of pain and she said that my labia was torn but that nothing could be done about it. I believed her until about 10 mins ago when something prompted me to google 'labia damage in childbirth' and found that it's happened to more than just me. Anyone else experienced this and were you offered (should I have been offered??) stitches to correct the damage?

It doesn't cause me everyday issues but I do find it uncomfortable (physically and psychologically) during sex and if I wear tight trousers. DC2 is due in 5 weeks and wondering if there is damage to be repaired from this birth whether something could be done about the previous labia damage at the same time??

Thanks ladies. xx

tartyhighheels Wed 31-Mar-10 21:47:38

oh i am going to google this and get back to you - i have a small one too and not only offered to 'whip it off' (yes, really the words he used) after the event as it was too dodgy a place for a repair without doing more damage

pinemartina Wed 31-Mar-10 22:39:18

Had this after dd1 14 yrs ago.Didn't even notice til weeks later...(!)Was told then that it had healed as it was so had to leave it.
It was a nuisance for a year or so with tight trousers,but tbh since then I've never given it a lot of thought.
Had 3 dc's since and expecting 5th any day.If it happened again I'd ask them to stitch it back at the time if they cd but prob wdnt worry too much.
Dont like the look of it if I peer in a mirror,but used to it now and no one else has ever noticed......

bexxaa Wed 31-Mar-10 23:51:27

Message withdrawn

serenity Thu 01-Apr-10 00:48:54

I tore slightly after I had DS1. It's quite odd actually as I didn't tear anywhere else, it's like he grabbed a bit on the way passed! I didn't have it stitched as it seemed a bit of a faff to do (I probably would have done if I'd needed stitches anywhere else) To start with it actually healed back into place, but I think I must have caught it on something and pulled it loose a couple of weeks later. It's quite small, and although it hangs it doesn't cause me any problems. I generally ignore it tbh.

If yours is causing you discomfort I can't see why you can't be referred to get it repaired. Have you mentioned it to your GP?

malteser1981 Thu 01-Apr-10 08:59:48

millingtonsmuumy, unless you tear in exactly the same place again they will not be able to 'refashion' the previous labial tear. You should see your GP post delivery to refer you to Gynae where they can do a nip and tuck.

Ebb Thu 01-Apr-10 14:02:30

I had a labial tear. Luckily the midwife did see it and it was stitched at the time although having her ask another mw "Where does this bit go?" was a bit disconcerting! It was stitched by a very experienced mw in the end and everyone commented on the stitches when I was checked. blush It healed fine and never gave me any problems.

I'm sure your GP could refer you to have it fixed/reshaped ??? if it's causing you discomfort. Sorry I can't be of more help.

millingtonsmummy Thu 01-Apr-10 14:50:42

Thanks for your posts ladies. It's encouraging to know I'm not on my own with this one!

Serenity - I didn't tear anywhere else either and I struggle to imagine how DD caused the damage. My midwife called it a 'scratch' but now that everythng is healed it's clear to see which section of skin has torn away from another.

I have to say it's not something that I fancy getting fixed in general circumstances, I was curious to hear your experiences with DC2 about to be born and potentially needing stitches from that birth. It's good to hear that my experience is totally normal and I think that will help me to get on with things and put it to the back of my mind.

serenity Thu 01-Apr-10 16:20:03

It was described as a 'graze' on my notes iirc. I do wonder if maybe it was something done by the MW (accidentally obviously) but there weren't any instruments used, apart from putting a foetal monitor onto DSs head. I suppose when the head is crowning, everything is under such a lot of strain it wouldn't take much for something to catch and tear.

notjustapuppymum Thu 01-Apr-10 20:26:53

I had 'grazes' on my labia too following the birth of my baby last year. The midwives at the time decided not to stitch and shockingly I was never rechecked until my 6 week check when my doctor noted it still hadn't healed.

I was referred to a gynae and what had actually happened was that I had torn on both labia and instead of healing individually they had healed together confused

I had to have surgery under a spinal to 'part the ways' again and had each labia stitched.

Now very neat and causing little problem (still only 5 weeks post op).

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