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Advice on induction for first baby please - positive stories needed.

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hackneybird Thu 22-Oct-09 21:44:25

Am 41 weeks today. Had a sweep, which was excruciating. Burst into tears afterwards on DH, wailing 'how am I going to cope with labour if that hurt so much?'.

Dr who did sweep says I am showing no sign of spontaneous labour being imminent so I am to be induced on Tues if nothing happens beforehand.

I am really, really frightened and scared due to hearing how induction is more painful and often ends in emcs.

Dr says I have two options for induction - a tablet under the tongue or gel applied to the cervix. Can anyone tell me of their experiences with these methods and which one I should choose?

I am also considering being a total wimp and just asking for an epidural straight away. There go my hopes for a waterbirth......

nowwearefour Thu 22-Oct-09 21:49:04

i would just suggest leaving it as long as possible before being induced- i left it to exactly 42 weeks with dd1. i had hte cervix gel and it worked fine straightaway. do try without the epidural- if it works quickly then you might not need it. i would definitel have it though if they want to give you the 'speed it up' drip as that does make the contractions artificially painful. All the very best. All i can say is that you will be so pleased you went through it all when you are presented witha beautiful baby at the end. It will be OK. You will be fine. All the best. and who knows, spontaneous labour may just happen before then....

tvaerialmagpiebin Thu 22-Oct-09 21:57:40

I was 40+10 with ds (first and only dc) and I showed no signs of labour at all. Had a sweep at 40 weeks - ish, nothing. So was booked in for induction and had another sweep followed by gel up the whatsit. Nothing at all happened for about 5 hours then bang, full scale cx. I was in labour for 4 hours, had just gas and air but it made me feel sick, so nothing really. DS was born without any intervention and no tears or stitches.

I was told induction does lead to more intervention but it doesn't always. My cx were so close together and v intense but it was all over very fast. Some hosps will still let you have water birth.

Just try to relax and not worry too much. I know that sounds easier said than done, but sychologically itis far better than stressing about what might not happen. I spent the night before induction absolutely paniccking that I would have every intervention known to man, it was a waste of time.

Go for curry, pineapple, sex, rasp leaf tea by the gallon, just to see if anything starts you off (none of it worked for me btw).
And good luck!

madmissy Thu 22-Oct-09 22:07:11

Please don't be scared. I was induced with dd2 labour was lots better than dd1 I managed well to the transitional stage and to be honest not many women can say they don't struggle at that point! I had gel didn't have option of any others. Also when bub is in your arms you forget about everything x

hackneybird Thu 22-Oct-09 22:10:42

Thank you....I have been doing the curry (pointless as I eat a lot of spicy food anyway), pineapple, RLT etc. DH won't oblige on the sex front which is annoying but to be fair I absolutely don't feel like it either!

But you are right lankyalto, I should stop worrying, and after all, I am really looking forward to meeting the little one. Someone I know who has just given birth described it as 'an exciting and interesting experience', and I feel very inspired by her comments. I need to relax a little otherwise I fear I will just make it worse for myself.

tvaerialmagpiebin Thu 22-Oct-09 22:17:30

Well it does hurt. A Lot. But the millisecond that baby comes out, it STOPS and you have this wonderful little person. You will never do anything like childbirth again (until the next time), and it is an amazing thing to do. Take care.

MrsSnoops Thu 22-Oct-09 22:19:59

I have been induced with both of mine. DS at 40+10 and DD at 42 weeks.
Both times with gel. First time I had 2 lots, they said nothing was happening so would do a third lot in the morning, my waters then broke and it was full on cx and he was born 4 hours later.
Second time, one lot of gel, cx happened quickly and she was born 2 hours later.

It worked for me. No time for any pain relief. It was very intense and quick, but I don't know how much that was due to the induction.

I think that however you have your baby it will be your experience that will be different to everyone else's.
And soon you will have your own birth story with which to offer others support.
Good luck.

MissMoopy Thu 22-Oct-09 22:40:40

A csection doesn't have to be a negative end to induction. I was induced at 40+2, with both gel and then drip. Yes, labour came on suddenly, but in my mind, it was always going to hurt so best to just get it over with!
Had emc due to large baby getting stuck which would have happened anyway. My baby was born healthy and that is the most important outcome.
Try not to see it as a bad thing. It is just medicine giving you a helping hand. There is too much pressure on women to avoid intervention. Good luck x

waitingforbedtime Thu 22-Oct-09 22:49:38

I was induced with the gel at 11 days overdue.

I had the first gel at 7pm, nothing happened. Another one at 8am, nothing happened and I think another one at 1pm but I cant quite remember. Anyways at some point I got to 1cm (woohoo!) and they broke my waters at 3pm, that hurt. I was having contractions but not regularly enough so I went on the drip at 6pm. Was recommended to have an epidural, had 2, 1 at about 7pm, one at about 10pm, neither worked. Had ds just after midnight. Labour was much, much, much, much easier than I thought it would be and so much quicker and in general a VERY positive experience for me. It was sore, of course, but it was bearable. Don't worry. I found the sweep AGONISING, in fact, in order of pain I would say it went

1. Getting waters broken
2. Sweep
3. Labour

You'll be ok. Good luck!! x

waitingforbedtime Thu 22-Oct-09 22:51:15

P.S My experience was definitely 'exciting and interesting' as well as empowering and enjoyable and amazing and joyous! Not meaning to be cheesy but seriously, it was great in a funny kind of way, hope that puts your mind at ease!

Comma2 Fri 23-Oct-09 00:50:49

I was induced (drip) and the birth was a great experience, like a big love-fest. I didn't think it hurt that bad, and they had the drip on the highest setting because my cx was taking its time. It's also on and off with the pain, so you have time to recover in between. I had an epidural after 14 hrs or so (probably twice that being awake), because I was getting really tired- I need a lot of sleep. grin The doc said that the epidural saved me from csec, because my body needed to recover a bit to speed things up.
So. Don't be afraid. Nothing that hasn't been done before, lots of it is completley unpredictable and you can always get an epidural. smile

cory Fri 23-Oct-09 08:46:24

I was induced at 37 weeks with my first baby and still had a vaginal delivery. Not traumatic- though to be frank, my second labour which ended in an emergency caesarian wasn't traumatic either.

cory Fri 23-Oct-09 08:46:58

should add that I got through first labour on TENS and gas, felt no need for epidural

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