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VBAC Question

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KAEKAE Thu 17-Sep-09 13:02:24

Hi all, I am pregnant with my second baby, two years ago I had an emergency section failed ventouse and forceps, had every pain relief going plus TENS and I was linked up to a monitor. This time round I have opted for a VBAC in the midwife led unit and I am desperate to give birth naturally I had such a rough time last time and due to also having a toddler to look after.....

Anyway, has anyone had a VBAC? What did you do to prepare? Have you any advice on how to achieve a successful VBAC?

Sorry for spelling BTW typing without contacts in!

Poledra Thu 17-Sep-09 13:11:29

Oooh, there are loads of people on here who have had VBACs (and some who've had VBA2 or 3Cs even).

As far as preparation goes, I knew that I had to have an em c-s teh first time as DD1 was facing the wrong way, so I tried to make sure DD2 was round the right way. Did lots of going on all fours etc to get her in the right place. I read a lot about VBAC too. Why did you have the em c-s the first time?

There are quite a few threads on here about VBACs - might be worth running a search. Thre was a good one called "Support for imminent VBACers" or something which had loads of stories on it.

Hope it all goes well

Caro1302 Thu 17-Sep-09 21:43:29

I had a VBAC 6 weeks ago and had a fantastic experience. I did lots of research into the risks of repeat placental abruption (which obviously won't be the case for you) and uterine scar rupture. I did pregnancy yoga to learn breathing techniques and positions to help in early labour. I read a LOT of birth stories to give me lots of courage.

When it came to it I found that the whole labour felt very different- my 1st labour was 18 hours stop/start labour with emcs for foetal distress and placental abruption, while the 2nd was induced by breaking my waters and 4 hours 20 mins later I was holding my daughter. My body just seemed to know what to do and I didn't have to do anything different to the first time except go with it when I reached the 2nd stage (only got to 8cm first time).

I had 2 MWs due to shift changes and neither of them even mentioned the word caesarean; the whole atmosphere in the room was positive and, with the exception of the CFM, I was treated as a normal, natural birth from beginning to end. I do think that if it's going to work it'll work.

Good luck- I hope you get the birth you want. My recovery was much, much quicker than with my CS- I was running around the garden playing football with my toddler just a few days after giving birth.

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