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bleeding stopped then started again following csection

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Princy11 Thu 10-May-18 11:35:35

I had my delivery on 24 March by Csection and hammy bleeding continue till 4 week not heavy at all but after 1week it started suddenly n heavy I went to doctor after 7 days she asked me to take medicine of 5 days now m going for ultrasound little tense what is the issue......

Bear2014 Mon 18-Sep-17 09:21:21

I'm 5 weeks post section and the bleeding has stopped and started again a few times. Same thing happened with my DD 3 years ago. I think it's finally on its way out now as it's very pale pink/brown. It's annoying having to wear pads for so many weeks but my periods didn't come back for over a year with DD because of breastfeeding so that made up for it!

DuggeeHugs Mon 18-Sep-17 09:07:26

Watso the same happened to me. MW had told me to expect this after I told her if stopped bleeding at 9 days. As always though, contact your MW if you're concerned. And congratulations smile

WatsoSoph05 Mon 18-Sep-17 02:04:54

Hi there! New to mumsnet.. I had my little boy on the 5th of September delivered by emergency CS.. i stopped bleeding on day 9 but have started bleeding again, just wondered if it was normal? I see all the comments about over doing it but I have just been taking it easy as far too sore to be doing all that much.. thanks in advance for any advice x

forevermore Fri 11-Sep-09 18:40:37

olivio; first of all congratulations, i remeber you from the GD threads.

I am having no bleeds for a few days then a gush usually following a long feed or a being outside (even if I am not necessarily walking far). i will be paitent and try to rest whenever possible.

I also wonder if the fact that I am only sleeping 4-5 hours a day is a contributory factor. I have a four year old and don't feel able to sleep in daytime (and frankly dont want to as was on bed rest for 15 weeks whilst pregnant so fed up of putting my feet up)and up most of the night feeding so sleeping 1 hour here or there which i think adds up to 4-5 hours in 24 hours.

i am setting myself up for a fall i think.

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nigglewiggle Thu 10-Sep-09 10:20:33

IIRC breast feeding causes the uterus to contract. It's one of the reasons why breastfeeding helps to get you back in shape. I don't think that contraction causes bleeding, but rather pushes the blood out as it contracts.

olivo Thu 10-Sep-09 08:19:50

forevermore, i am 3 weeks post cs and have been experiencing the same. it is definitely related to overdoing it in my case; the days i stay at home, i dont really bleed when i am out and about or running round after my 3 you, it is like you say, i sometimes think i am wetting myself!
i think it is normal but a warning to take it easy! interesting there may be a link to feeding; my dd is having what i think is another growth spurt and my bleeding has increased too.

pregnantpeppa Wed 09-Sep-09 21:37:00

You have been overdoing it! Think 30 minute walk 2 weeks post section is a lot, I was still hobbling then remember walking 10 minutes down road at 3 weeks and having to walk back verrrrrry slowly as was in pain. Bleeding always gets heavier when you have overdone it, stay in the house on the sofa cuddling your baby for a few days!

nigglewiggle Wed 09-Sep-09 21:29:01

I don't know about C-sections, but I remember MW saying that exercise and feeding can increase bleeding. It is normal for it to stop and start.

HTH but speak to your MW if you are concerned.

MrsHappy Wed 09-Sep-09 21:21:35

After my section I bled on and off for 6 weeks - so much for those books that say it stops in around 10 days.
It started up again if I overdid things so maybe you need to take it a bit more easily. A 30 minute walk does not sound much but when added on to things round the house and lots of feeding, maybe you need to rest.

forevermore Wed 09-Sep-09 18:10:10

i had a fright today. I had a cesection 2 weeks ago. i am recovering well. scar great no pain killers for two days gentle walks from day 10. today i went for another walk (about 30 minutes very slowly) and sat down at home then when i stood up felt a gush of what i thought was me peeing myself.

when i looked it was dark red blood. still bleeding gently. i had no blood except slight spotting for last two days and was thinking wow how lucky am I. now thinking something horribly wrong!?

my newborn has been feeding non-stop since yesterday (growth spurt i think), and wonder if this could be a factor. No pain or smell (sorry TMI I know)

Please share your experiences

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