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separated muscles v tupler technique

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fothergill Thu 30-Jul-09 22:11:34

I have googled this to death and it seems like tranverse ab exercise is the answer but am asking what success can be had with reversing this problem or if anyone ever did get a little more back to normal anyway naturally over time. (Ahahahah the optimism!) Or if when I stop breastfeeding my shape will change again...or if binding can still have any effect after 9 months.
I have the lose the mummy tummy book and would very much like to hear of any success stories to keep me going. Do you really have to do 3000 a day for life to keep the pot at bay??
I know I shouldn't be so vain but I hate feeling uncomfortable in my body and if there is something I can do I will bally (belly) well do it.
many thanks!

MiniMarmite Thu 30-Jul-09 22:33:53

This thread might help:

and I have a weblink that I'll dig out too...

MiniMarmite Thu 30-Jul-09 22:35:50 w-can-I-fix-this-302.htm

Just re read your post - sounds like you've got all this anyway.

I'm battling the same problem but don't remember to do the exercises often enough blush

fothergill Fri 31-Jul-09 10:00:31

Thanks MiniMarmite, did you get any results at all from the exercises? I know what you mean I set off and did 2 days but life overtakes you with little ones doesn't it?
I think I am secretly looking for someone to call in with a miracle cure that requires no input on my part! Haha, failing that, then some definitive encouragemnet that it does work and you can flatten it again. Oh goes. I will post back if I manage to achieve anything.

Flgihtattendant Fri 31-Jul-09 10:04:35

I'm interested too - Julie emailed me back and said she could help, but I haven;t forked out for the DVD yet as I read about doing a thousand a day or whatever, and don't think I can face that. What a life. smile

MiniMarmite Fri 31-Jul-09 13:12:49

Erm, well there is a slight lack on input on my part too as I was hoping for a magical cure! I am going to a normal abs class at my gym and trying to do at least the first of the three exercises every day (the only one I seem to remember about) and it is making my stomach feel firmer. The line is still there though sad

TuttiFrutti Fri 31-Jul-09 13:58:00

Fothergill, if you're still breastfeeding it can't have been that long since you gave birth (can it????) and IME losing your mummy tummy is possible but it is a long game (think several months, not weeks) and it takes some effort, unfortunately.

I had a huge first baby, had a c-section and looked about 5 months pregnant for months afterwards. I even had people congratulating me for being brave enough to have a second one so soon! shock

I then did have a second baby less than 2 years later which probably didn't help.

Whilst my stomach will probably never again have the totally flat look it did in my 20s, it is now a lot better, and I don't look preggers any more. I am doing aerobic-type exercise 3 times a week and this I think is the main cause. I've also adjusted my eating, cutting out a lot of carbs and sugar, and this has helped me to lose a bit of weight generally.

fothergill Fri 31-Jul-09 14:43:49

Dd2 is nine months and I was planning to wean at around a year. I know this can keep your muscles relaxed to a certain extent but not sure to what extent.
I really wouldn't mind having a normal pot reminds me I have had two beautiful children. It's the bit between the belly button and the ribs that is bulging and making me unhappy - I didn't put weight on when I was pregnant and am thinner if anything, so it isn't excess flab - the skin is pretty taut still (am grateful for this at least!) It's not a hernia, just unsightly. I guess I need to see someone trained local.
Anyway, I am not completely convinced it is the small (probably normal) diastasis I have causing my bulge - think it is loose muscles in general because I had a similar sized gap with dd1 and it didn't distend so much above my belly button but I am scared to do abs exercise in case it makes it worse.
TuttiFrutti how long ago did you have your second? Did you just do normal abs exercises and get results?

TuttiFrutti Sat 01-Aug-09 11:52:45

My second baby is now 2 and a half, so quite a time ago! For about a year now I have been doing cardio-type exercise (aerobics and kick-boxing from DVDs, each session lasting about 30 minutes) plus abs exercises like sit-ups. I try to exercise 3 times a week.

I can definitely see a result, and right after each exercise session you can feel that your stomach muscles are tighter and look flatter, which is hugely motivating.

Sadly I think I'll have to exercise for the rest of my life to keep my stomach in check.

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