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Franniban Mon 23-May-05 08:32:35

Is anyone bothering with a Tens machine second time round? Don't really know if it helped or not last time, what are other people planning?

throckenholt Mon 23-May-05 08:41:32

I used it both times - I think it helped.

triceratops Mon 23-May-05 09:37:20

I don't think I will bother second time around - although it did give me something to do to avoid panic the first time around. It will be sitting in the cupboard if I do need it though, I may even change the battery.

HappyMumof2 Mon 23-May-05 10:19:39

Message withdrawn

Franniban Tue 24-May-05 20:21:48

Thanks for your comments. Guess I need to make my mind up soon, being nearly 37 weeks!

kama Tue 24-May-05 20:24:42

Message withdrawn

acnebride Tue 24-May-05 20:26:18

Would definitely use it again as it would give me some form of comparison, e.g. 'I'm 2 hours into labour and still only on level 6, this time last time I was on level 8'. Very left brain I guess!

chumpchops Tue 24-May-05 20:29:14

IMHO second time labour can be as painful as the first, just one hell of a lot quicker, so if you are likely to be having niggling pains that you find uncomfortable and you can plug yourself up then I would go for the TENS..It was my life saver, apart from that I had nothing...grab whaever you can and best of luck to you

MrsWednesday Tue 24-May-05 20:35:20

Franniban, I just got mine from Boots yesterday (also 37 weeks with number 2). I think it helped up to a point last time round so I've decided that I'd give it a go this time as well.

Good luck with everything!

LooneyLaura Tue 24-May-05 20:37:51

Oh, I'm nearly 37 weeks too. I used it first time. Found it to be more of a distraction that pain relief!

Monkeysmum Tue 24-May-05 21:06:14

I have used TENS twice and am planning on using it for a third time in a couple of weeks, I liked the fact that it made me feel like I had some control over the pain. Only downside is if you want to be in a bath for a while you have to take it off, which I assume means you are back to square one with it when you come out!

Franniban Wed 25-May-05 12:18:14

I'm thinking that maybe I will go for it. I see Tens Hire charge £20 for 6 weeks, does anyone know of a better deal?

LooneyLaura Wed 25-May-05 22:16:15

£20 sounds good. High Street shops charge alot more for a shorter time, I hear.

mrsdarcy Wed 25-May-05 23:53:54

Does anyone know if TENS machines are any good with an induced labour? I am going to be induced at 38 weeks (31 now). It will be my 4th delivery and I tend to have fairly quick labours, but obviously being induced a bit early might make the pain more difficult to cope with.

Franniban Fri 27-May-05 09:22:30

Yes, I thought that sounded like a good deal.
Hi Mrsdarcy, yes they are fine with an induced labour, and in fact at least you know when to put them on, right at the start. Good luck!

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