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when should my periods restart after childbirth??

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mad4mybaby Sun 25-Jan-09 09:51:58

ds2 is 9 weeks and still havent had period. with ds1 i think it was about 5 ish weeks? Anyway i didnt BF at all and i havent yet gone back on the pill as gp advised start the pill on first day of period aslong as i didnt need the pill before then (yeah right!)

anyway just wondering what is the norm? How long can this go on for? Ive had period pains quite often but no period hmm

WeeTimorousSquonkie Sun 25-Jan-09 09:54:13

Iirc, mine started about twelve weeks after the birth.

But I don't think there is a normal time, it really is a case of just waiting and seeing.

Hopefully someone who knows more will come along and advise you better

(congratulations on your baby)

mad4mybaby Sun 25-Jan-09 09:55:04


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