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Induction as overdue and Emergency CS last time - what would you do/did you do for the next?

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tumtumtetum Sun 11-Jan-09 18:13:36

Just interested to hear from anyone who was induced and ended up with emergency CS what they did with DC2, and why, and how did it go?

I won't tell you my views at the mo as I don't want to slant the responses at all! Will be great to hear others experiences though... I need to get to grips with the direction I think I want to take with this DC - am 15 weeks at the mo.


MrsBoo Sun 11-Jan-09 18:22:12

I asked for elective CS for my second DC - best decision for me

FiveGoMadInDorset Sun 11-Jan-09 18:23:29


Was induced with DD didn't work, had secy=tion which was good and asked for one with DS

tumtumtetum Sun 11-Jan-09 18:26:55

Can I ask at how many weeks you had your sections mrsboo and fivegomad? Did you have them at 37 weeks(ish) which is when my friend with a breach had hers?

FiveGoMadInDorset Sun 11-Jan-09 18:29:03

first one was 40+11

second was 39 weeks

Klaw Sun 11-Jan-09 18:29:15

Well, i was augmented with ds and ended up with an emCS. Another CS was not something I could contemplate

When i got to 42wks (scan) with dd I cancelled induction they booked for me and insisted on Expectant Managment.

You are not REQUIRED to accept offers of induction, it's not compulsory.

So, I had dd at 42+1 scan edd (or 40+6 my LMP) after going into labour naturally.

Why were you induced? Was there a good medical reason or was it based on hospital protocol for dates? Do you know how long your mother naturally gestated for, or her mum?

tumtumtetum Sun 11-Jan-09 18:34:03

Good questions Klaw.

I was induced purely because of dates. They offered me the Friday or the Monday and I took the Monday to give a little longer to go into labour naturally. I was 42+2 when induced.

I know the theory is that the placenta can start to degrade but i donated my cord blood and the nurse came and told me that there was loads of lovely red blood, so not degraded at all i don't think.

My mum was induced before due dates with both me and my brother as her blood pressure went through the roof - don't know about the grans.

MrsBoo Sun 11-Jan-09 18:35:28

my first DS was induced on due date - can't remember why - then turned into emergency CS.
My second DD was planned CS, and I recall she was close to the due date - and I fitted in round my consultant!

tumtumtetum Sun 11-Jan-09 18:38:32

Are they OK with doing the CS later then if it's not for medical reasons?

I was a bit concerned that if I had an elective at 37 weeks, then I would get a baby who based on DD would be at least 5 weeks "early" and i think it's probably best to let them "cook" for as long as possible. If they would agree to doing one later then I would be more comfortable with it.

Klaw Sun 11-Jan-09 18:58:33

elCs should not be done before 39+wks as research shows that even at 38wks babies might have respiratory problems. In fact you could wait for labour and then opt for an in-labour CS so that baby has benefit of hormones.

See Prof Fisk 'natural' CS. A cons at my local hospital does it this way too.

I am very much a VBACtivist but even more so a whatever preserves the mother's mental health campaigner so will support her informed decision to elCS.

As you don't know your mum or grans natural gestation we can't be sure of your natural tendancy but I suspect you cook your babies longer and it would be reasonable to wait for spontaneous labour with expectant management.

tumtumtetum Sun 11-Jan-09 19:15:37

I think what I really want is to wait and see if I can go into labour naturally, have the balls to say no to induction when (and I feel it will be when rather than if) I go overdue.

Then if for some reason they really think it's time to have the baby then say "ok fine do a CS then".

The things that bother me about this approach are that i don't know how to say no to induction - when I spoke to the midwife the other day she said after CS it'd only be a "light" induction (?) but to me this sounds like and induction all the same. I am just concerned that they will talk me into it and I feel it's just so wrong for me.

The other worry is that if I say I def don't want to be induced that they will say that I'd better have an elective and that it will end up being early although some posters have set my mind at rest about that a bit.

What's the best way of sticking to your guns even in the face of the medical profession saying that what you're doing is dangerous for the baby ie going v overdue? i just think that if they say the baby may be harmed i will weaken...

Klaw Sun 11-Jan-09 19:29:25

Ask for the research based evidence to support any of their claims. Many things told to women by HCPs are often down right lies and scaremongering! But then some units are surprisingly supportive. Perhaps you should ask to see a cons mw, or see if there is a supportive cons to be transferred to.

Get a doula.

or a friend or family member who would be strong and supportive of you and dh.

When anything is suggested you could say that you and dh with discuss it and inform them of your decision tomorrow. Then get back to ask for support from your various online contacts.

Keep posting here for support. Also try the UKVBACHBAC yahoo group.

In fact, you could even contact me offline for virtual support by email and text wink I very nearly agreed to induction at 41wks but stepped back from the abyss wink because I had online support to talk to. Do you have any discrepancy between dates to work in your favour and give you confidence in waiting?

Nobody would ever risk their baby, but sometimes we need to remember the risks that interventions hold too.

clarabell16 Sun 11-Jan-09 19:31:08

I was induced at 40 and 11 days over, had the whole shebang, prostin, the artificial hormone, and waters broken over 2 days, as once they start induction they cant stop the process. Only ever got to 4cm, so most of this was without pain relief as i was not in 'established' labour, then emcs. Looking back i wish id stuck to my own guns more and refused induction as i found it an artificial horrible experience and worse than the c section, and also that maybe if i refused i would have given birth naturally. Next time mine will be a VBAC or an elective section at 40 plus weeks if i go really overdue, but i would never have another induction. I would inform them that 'term' is 38-42 weeks, which already they know of course. this is your birth experience, and maybe just educate yourself with the facts and others experience to reel off to them. I know next time i wouldnt care what they said to me, i would refuse a induction pointblank because of my personal experience. Good luck, and dont be pushed into anything you dont want to do, as that usually sets precedence for later when you are in labour etc and you end up agreeing to all sorts!!

tumtumtetum Sun 11-Jan-09 20:07:40

How long over do they let you go before they get really worried though? Or does it all depend on how the baby is getting on which they check through monitoring?

My dates last time agreed with the scan dates exactly and the same this time. i think I am just someone who likes a long cooked baby.

I know on the continent they are much more relaxed about going overdue - does anyone know how long they let you go while considering it "normal"? As the midwives etc couldn't really dispute this argument.

My feeling is i would have been at least another week (don't ask me why!) and they said cervix was still not doing anything (forgotten the term). So I'd be about 43+2.

Klaw your ideas of getting supportive people on board are brilliant. Unfortunately my DH is not the type to talk to medical people and disagree with them. My mum would be fab from the point of view she is a doctor herself but unfortunately feels that medicalised is always best. As does my dad (GP) and so I fear going very overdue i will have not only the hospital on my back but also my parents.

Thank you for your responses everyone it's really helping me.

tumtumtetum Sun 11-Jan-09 20:12:51

Klaw and rereading realised didn't thank you for your extremely kind and generous offer of support! I will certainly keep it in mind. Will def be on MN to get support along the way - i have an appointment about "birth choices" with a consultant MW in a few weeks so that will be crunch time I think...

I have just spoken to DH and said about the idea of saying that I have to go away and think about stuff so as not to be steamrollered into anything and we both think that is a great idea.

Klaw Sun 11-Jan-09 20:44:47

Where are you roughly Tumtumtetum? There may be VBAC 'specialists' on MN who may be able to give you RL support..... even have info on who to speak to in your area as regards VBAC cons etc.

I am in Scotland so I imagine you're probably too far away.

Would dh consider a Doula? A doula will support the BOTH of you, not take his place and you can consider a 'Trainee' as they can only charge a max of £150. Many Doulas are interested in VBAC as that is what drew them to Doulaing in the first place (speaking from experience!wink)

and honestly, virtual support by email and phone is no skin off my nose so please take me up on it if you wish. You can CAT me or check out my website on my profile.

tumtumtetum Mon 12-Jan-09 19:45:13

Hi Klaw

I'm a London person! I have appt with cons midwife in Feb and am going to see how that goes before i do anything else. All the responses on this thread have made me a lot more confident that i can say what i want. After that appointment if I need to talk/support/think about a doula etc i will def be back on. I know that DH would go along with whatever I want so if I decide to have a doula he will be fine with that. It is definitely something to think about.

Thanks again for all your help, and for everyone who replied to this thread, it has been really good to help me clarify what I want, realise that it is possible and have confidence (hopefully!) to tell the midwives exactly what I want smile

Klaw Mon 12-Jan-09 20:28:37

Glad you're feeling more positive and that you know how to take things forward now. There are loads of Doulas in London so hopefully you will find the right support for you smile

It's my pleasure to have helped. There are more than a few Doulas and some mw who post on MN so you will find all the virtual support you need as you plan the right birth for you.

StarlightMcKenzie Mon 12-Jan-09 21:04:55

Message withdrawn

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