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What to do with first DC when going into labour?

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DungunGirl Wed 22-Oct-08 13:03:32

Hello ladies

Can anyone help me out and let me know what you did with your first child when you went into labour with second.

I have no family about and DS is only 3.5 years old.

Flum Wed 22-Oct-08 13:06:20

Took DD to a friends house in the dead of night. Had about 3 primed to expect it.

Much easier though if you have a neighbour who could come in and stay so you don't have to get DS out of bed.

Depending on how pregnant you are now is the time to bake cakes for neighbours, have them over for drinks and generally get to know them well enough to be able to ask them such a favour.

Unfortunately my DH keeps scrapping with our neighbours over covenants and planning permission etc so never wants me to ask them favours even though they are very nice and would help out I'm sure.

filz Wed 22-Oct-08 13:07:03

my friend asked her next door neighbour

ladyhelen2 Wed 22-Oct-08 13:07:57

Do you have any good friends locally? When my friend went into labour, I agreed that she could call me - anytime - and I'd go round and look after her DD. As it happened, she went into labour at 11pm so I got the call at 1am, strolled round and slept on their sofa that night. My DH stayed at home with our DS and me and friends DD joined them forbreakfast. Both little ones then went to nursery. I'll prob be asking her to return the favour in a few months too as i'm now 12weeks pg.
Good luck.

bythepowerofgreyskull Wed 22-Oct-08 13:08:38

depends - we had planned a homebirth and said that if things started after DS1 had gone to bed we would leave him in bed asleep, but it started at breakfast so he went to my mum.

If you have no family around I would prime a friend to help out at short notice.

Good luck!

billyog Wed 22-Oct-08 20:46:03

Hi there, I'm 36 wks preg and in a similiar position. My ds is 27mths and we don't have any family around. A friend did offer to take him but as she has a dc of her own and is still breastfeeding we would have to drop our ds off at hers. He doesn't really know her and i think it would really upset and scare him to be dropped off there in the middle of the night. No one would get any sleep thats for sure! We have thought about a homebirth, not quite decided yet, but our house is small so I worry ds and the neighbours would hear my farmlike noises. Our other option is the girls at ds's nursery. I have 4 on standby and they're happy for me to call in the middle of the night, that way they can come here and ds can sleep blissfully unaware. Although, that'll cost us, give me a good incentive to push knowing I'm paying an hourly rate. Its a tough one and has caused me some anxieties but suppose the worst case senario is that ds has to come with us and dh stays outside the room with him. good luck.

DungunGirl Thu 23-Oct-08 10:12:56


I have a while to go yet but I am already thinking what to do. I have convinced my mum to come and stay the week I am due BUT I also want her as my birth partner. My DH does not want to be in the delivery room this time as he felt quite uneasy for the longest time after witnessing DS's birth.

But on the other hand he does want to be there for the moment baby is born.

We are starting to think that DH will just bring DS in the car and sleep in the car in the car park and my mum will call him when baby is about to make an appearance.

I am not sure about this plan.....still thinking about it.

Playdough Fri 24-Oct-08 18:24:55

With my second pregnancy, I didn't really have a good network where we live (smallish gap between DD and DS) and I agonised about what to do. In the end my sainted mother agreed to come at 38 weeks and stay until baby was born. [She lives 200 miles away. Luckily, we get on very well ]DS was born that night

I am now 38 weeks pregnant with my third and my mother arrives tomorrow! But I have had a complicated list of friends and neighbours with their telephone numbers and other commitments (work, husbands away, school pick ups etc) to hand for the past few weeks. It's been much easier this time as I know more people in the area and my children more familiar with them. Even so, I wouldn't have been terribly happy leaving my youngest ... but sometimes there isn't an ideal solution. Perhaps your husband is the one who needs to compromise in this instance?

Hope you come up with something that works. I think that knowing your DS is happy/secure could be important to help you relax during labour.

mammajo Mon 27-Oct-08 21:34:40

I'm due in 2 weeks. We're lucky to have family nearby who have offered to help, but I'm worried about them coming over to our house to look after ds1. Sometimes a woman needs a bit of privacy! Am I stressing too much?

DungunGirl Tue 28-Oct-08 15:32:23


I know how you feel. I have ages to go yet and I am already thinking about this!!!

Were you planning for family to come over as soon as you go into labour or just before you leave for hospital? OR are you planning a home birth?

mammajo Tue 28-Oct-08 21:18:15

I was thinking of getting them round as soon as labour is established but you've made me think now that I don't have to do that. Perhaps I'll just leave it a bit longer before I ask them to come over. Brilliant - thanks!

america Wed 29-Oct-08 10:48:59

I've asked our CM and she will look after DS when the time comes. I think it's easier for him as he spends so much time in her house anyhow than staying with a friend he doesn't know that well... An additional cost of course but lets hope it wont't take all that long this time...

tinkisinthe3rdtrimester Wed 29-Oct-08 11:57:47

i am due the 15th of jan
have arrange for my mum and dad to come over from the 5th of jan till i have the baby as this is when dh goes to work.
dh will take dd to mursery for these weeks then my parents will pick up dd from nursery.
i have them alternating to stay over all day on these days till dh gets back to help with dd as she is 3 years old and very active demands alot of attention.
when i go into labour my mum will take dd out for the day if in the day and then when i go into hospital they will stay here with her

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