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Advice needed please (thick emotion)

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mum2jakeyroo Mon 13-Oct-08 07:11:41

I am having contractions every 10 mins. My childcare is about 80 mins away. Do I call or am I over reacting?

FourArms Mon 13-Oct-08 07:13:47

How many children have you had before?

I'd alert them if nothing else.

Good luck

mum2jakeyroo Mon 13-Oct-08 07:20:18

Thanks fourarms. I have 2 but was induced with both so am a bit of a novice with regards to natural labour. I know I need to ring hospital at about 5 mins but how long can it take to get from 9 mins to 5 or is it 'How long is a piece of string?'

mum2jakeyroo Mon 13-Oct-08 07:40:47


lulumama Mon 13-Oct-08 07:46:59

if they don;t stop, and don;t die away if you move around or have a bath, it is most likely the real thing.. i would get your childcare person on the way over , just in case.. how many weeks are you?

you could stay like this for a few hours, or it could all suddenly kick off it is it, impossible to say

mum2jakeyroo Mon 13-Oct-08 07:56:39

Thanks lulu. I am a nervous wreck after being induced twice. They get worse if I try and walk through one. Been getting them since 5.30am. Were 12 mins. now about 8/9 mins. My due date is today

ajm200 Mon 13-Oct-08 09:00:13

They can go from 12 minutes to 5 over several hours or just a few minutes so I'd let your childcare know.. If they take your LO's early it will let you get some rest ready for when this really kicks off.

Howdie Mon 13-Oct-08 09:28:58

As others have already said, it's very unpredictable but I would say if your contractions are getting stronger, lasting longer and getting closer together then it's less likely to be a false start and I'd let your childcare know - even, as the previous poster already said, if that's just to let you get a rest before labour really establishes.

Good luck.

Howdie, Independent midwife

mum2jakeyroo Mon 13-Oct-08 10:47:25

Thank you all. Dc have gone - so peaceful. Am going to have a bath and see how things progress. will keep you posted

Boobalina Mon 13-Oct-08 10:58:20

I'd get things ready as you'll probably be going in today to meet your little one! How exciting for you. Have you callled the hospital and taken their advise, particularly as they are over an hour away?

MoonlightMcKenzie Mon 13-Oct-08 11:01:21

Have you had a play with the contraction timer?

For OUR entertainment you could use it for 6 contractions and post what it says.


mum2jakeyroo Mon 13-Oct-08 14:57:02

02:49:57 pm 02:51:13 pm 1 mins, 15 secs 6 mins, 53 secs
02:43:03 pm 02:44:46 pm 1 mins, 42 secs 4 mins, 28 secs
02:38:35 pm 02:39:30 pm 55 secs 10 mins, 20 secs
02:28:14 pm 02:29:20 pm 1 mins, 6 secs 6 mins, 54 secs
02:21:20 pm 02:23:18 pm 1 mins, 58 secs 5 mins, 53 secs
02:15:27 pm 02:16:25 pm 58 secs 5 mins, 56 secs
02:09:30 pm 02:11:31 pm 2 mins, 0 secs 7 mins, 12 secs
02:02:18 pm 02:03:39 pm 1 mins, 20 secs 6 mins, 11 secs
01:56:07 pm 01:56:58 pm 51 secs 4 mins, 26 secs
01:51:40 pm 01:52:22 pm 42 secs 5 mins, 48 secs
01:45:52 pm 01:47:01 pm 1 mins, 9 secs 8 mins, 22 secs
01:37:29 pm 01:38:49 pm 1 mins, 20 secs 11 mins, 39 secs
01:25:50 pm 01:27:07 pm 1 mins, 16 secs 12 mins, 40 secs
01:13:10 pm 01:15:05 pm 1 mins, 54 secs 10 mins, 0 secs
01:03:09 pm 01:04:33 pm 1 mins, 22 secs 12 mins, 0 secs
12:51:09 am 12:52:21 am 1 mins, 11 secs 8 mins, 7 secs
12:43:02 am 12:44:18 am 1 mins, 15 secs 12 mins, 27 secs
12:30:35 am 12:33:29 am 2 mins, 54 secs

lulumama Mon 13-Oct-08 14:57:11

are you resting or birthing grin

lulumama Mon 13-Oct-08 14:57:28

x post ! LOL!

Boobalina Mon 13-Oct-08 15:41:48

Not long now! x

ajm200 Mon 13-Oct-08 16:39:50

Lulumama Good job you admitted to x-posting, otherwise that comment would be a bit cheeky grin

MoonlightMcKenzie Mon 13-Oct-08 19:18:39

Good luck! smile

mum2jakeyroo Mon 13-Oct-08 22:58:19

mum2jakeyroo+newbie's OH here. Baby boy born at 1545, delivered by yours truelly in the car. No doubt she will be on to update you after she leaves the hospital.

liahgen Tue 14-Oct-08 00:07:40


Result, bit scary for you Mr Jakey but well done you.

Congratulations, welcome to the world young man. x

FourArms Tue 14-Oct-08 07:43:33


mamadiva Tue 14-Oct-08 07:59:39

WOW congratulations Mr and Mrs Jakey!!!

Have we ever had a birth blog on here before? Contractions and all

Welcome to baby boy!

mum2jakeyroo Tue 14-Oct-08 08:08:08

m2jrs oh again, I didn't really have time to feel scared, and to be honest we had been joking for weeks that I would deliver it. I have to say I am immensely proud and I will be dining out on the story for years to come.

ajm200 Tue 14-Oct-08 13:50:01

Wow.. How exciting!! Congratulations and well done for coping so well in an emergency grin

Boobalina Tue 14-Oct-08 14:45:33

Wow - how wonderful! Congrats to all 4 of you! xxx

CantSleepWontSleep Tue 14-Oct-08 14:58:53

Ooh congratulations. That's 2 October babies delivered by dh's already!

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