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C-section pain above incision and on and off bleeding

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php2731 Mon 22-Sep-08 13:24:49

I had C-section 11 weeks ago and I am facing the following problems:

> I still have a pain (not very intense) above incision ( both internal and external) in my lower abdomen. Feel like kind of lump when sit in particular position in bed etc.. Also feel pain internally when I press around the incision area. How long does this type of pain last till I feel completely normal? Is this normal for pain to last that long or should i be concerned about this..

> My vaginal bleeding stopped around 3 weeks after the C-sec and then suddenly from around 6 week it started again. The blood is red like a fresh cut, has smell and am having kind of cramping pain. I had transvaginal exam, and doctor said that my uterus is ok and it may be possible becos of breastfeeding which cause hormonal imbalance causing this bleedng!! Anyone had on and off bleeding after c-section and when did it stop finally.

Thanks a lot.

kittywise Mon 22-Sep-08 18:36:51

Hi php, my sections were ages ago, but I know that the scars hurt for ages, many months. The area around them is numb now.

As for bleeding have you had a check for infection? it might be worth going back to your gp. In my experience it is not normal to get bright red bleeding and certainly not with breast feeding after 11 weeks, that is only right after birth whilst your uterus is shrinking back down after everything should have stopped by now. (A rather suspect and frankly "i don't know what I'm talking about but better give the lady and answer, sort of repy from the doctor) Of course could it be a period?

FrenchyMum Wed 24-Sep-08 16:31:44

Hi php, had my C-s 3 months ago and it just starts to be not numb anymore. It's not comfortable whenever I press around it so I try not to. I guess if there was something wrong with it it would have shown earlier?
What you describe looks like a period to me (I'm no doctor), you can get it even while breastfeeding I heard.

php2731 Sat 04-Oct-08 13:44:57

Hi kittywise and frenchymum, how long did ur incision pain last? Was the pain in the lower abdomen above the incision, was it constant like when u walk, more when u overwork or you felt it when u pressed the abdomen. I am so confused now and getting worried.

biggreypants Sat 04-Oct-08 14:38:22

php2731 have also answered you on the survivors thread but as to your bleeding hormones going crazy will make you bleed very heavy for a while as long as you have been tested for infection and all is fine then it will settle back down. 3 months after mine I was literally gushing when I stood up, had scans but all was fine and it settled back down to normal within a few months.

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