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been given a daye for induction

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misdee Fri 11-Feb-05 18:30:14

21st feb. or 17rth if theres a cancellation. feel calmer now.

Cristina7 Fri 11-Feb-05 18:39:08

That's very close, 10 days or less!! How many weeks will you be then? Good luck. It's so near.

misdee Fri 11-Feb-05 18:40:28

new hospital are using scan date of 27/2/05 instead of LMP of 4/3/05, so will be 38 weeks+5 on the 17th (ithink) and 39+1 on the 22nd.

Cristina7 Fri 11-Feb-05 19:38:50

Oh, so quite close to term anyway. Good luck. It must feel very real now.

secur Fri 11-Feb-05 19:40:41

Message withdrawn

sparklymieow Fri 11-Feb-05 19:41:21

I don't!!! Am panicking now, what if I am a crap support? I hope I don't faint!!

misdee Fri 11-Feb-05 19:44:16

you better not!!

now muct go make room in my bedroom for moses basket

HunkerMunker Fri 11-Feb-05 19:45:03

Glad you feel calmer, Misdee. Mieow, pull yourself together You'll be fine hun.

misdee Fri 11-Feb-05 19:46:25

i'll slap her if she faints.

oh and mieow, if there are no porters available, u have to grab a wheelchair and get dh down from cardio!

sparklymieow Fri 11-Feb-05 19:51:26

I hope I will be a tower of stregth !! Must go and get that book I want for when you are resting. What else will I need as a support?? Should I take food??

misdee Fri 11-Feb-05 19:52:18

yup, take food. and change for the vending machines. and i must pack a deck of cards as well.

sparklymieow Fri 11-Feb-05 19:52:36

ok,. I thought I might have to anyway!

sparklymieow Fri 11-Feb-05 19:53:20

what about our drinking game, can I bring that??

misdee Fri 11-Feb-05 19:54:59

u can, i wont partake lol.

lockets Fri 11-Feb-05 19:55:11

Message withdrawn

misdee Fri 11-Feb-05 19:55:52

dxie, or will it be serena now lol. dh is still playing with names.

sparklymieow Fri 11-Feb-05 19:56:24

can I have some gas and air?? For old times sakes!!! lol

misdee Fri 11-Feb-05 19:56:57

only if the midwives arent about

lockets Fri 11-Feb-05 19:57:10

Message withdrawn

sparklymieow Fri 11-Feb-05 19:58:26

lol, I hope you sleep ok tonight and at least I have a phone upstairs now!! That was not fun this morning getting called at 6:55am and you weren't even in labour!!

misdee Fri 11-Feb-05 19:59:54

i was in pain tho

sparklymieow Fri 11-Feb-05 20:02:03

thats ok hon! I didn't mind I just stumbled back upstairs and said to DH "** is having pains" its didn't register to begin with!!

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