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Homerton v UCH

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mumacita Sun 03-Aug-08 12:11:45

Just pregnant with first child. Weighing up the benefits of either hospital. Can anyone share experiences that might help?

Umlellala Sun 03-Aug-08 12:28:46

I love love love Homerton grin (two babies there now)

If you go to the topic list and check out Mumsnet local - Hackney there is a big thread on Homerton (and my comments!).

nellyonthetelly Sun 03-Aug-08 18:55:23

By UCH do you mean Elizabeth Garrett Anderson? Know its closing soon, but had my first there, and did not like it at all. My experience of birth in the birthing centre was ok - it was the post natal wards I hated. But then I've met other people who loved it, so much comes down to staff on duty. But aprt from that, journey in was tricky wtih traffic, parking difficult for coming home, I gave birth in 20 Sept 06 and it was very hot and noisy with windows open. Going for a homebirth this time, which tells you something. I know 2 friends who were happy with the Hometon. Good Luck!

IlanaK Sun 03-Aug-08 19:09:35

I know nothing about the Homerton, but just had third baby at UCH. They are currently still in the old Elizabeth Garret Anderson hospital which is really old and grim, but are due to move to the new building in November. I spent the whole time being told, "no, we don't have that here (things like tv's, phones, airconditiong) but the new building has everything. So if your baby is due after November, then UCH should be lovely.

AS to the care, postnatal care was rubbish, but that is my experience of all London hospitals - they are too full and understaffed. I had a csection and that was good there. The really positive thing about UCH is that they have a neonatal unit with an amazing reputation. I know no-one plans to need it, but if you end up needing it (as we did this time - one week on special care), you have the piece of mind to know that your baby is in the best hands.

HarrietTheSpy Mon 04-Aug-08 23:40:57

I loved my experiences at Homerton, particularly the last one (end of May). I posted a long thread about it. I had a VBAC and baby a bit premature (36+2). I can't speak highly enough about my ante natal care and the way I was treated during the decision making process when my waters broke, and the delivery itself.

The post natal ward was a bit ropey, but I have to say I have yet to meet someone in London who has had a positive experience. Having said that someone posted on my thread about a recent + experience post natally at Homerton...but I felt like I'd been in a different hospital, from what she said.

MarsLady Tue 05-Aug-08 00:19:10

Homerton every time. I've doula-ed in most of the London hospitals and the Homerton is one of my favourites (alongside the Whittington).

SydneyB Wed 06-Aug-08 10:38:51

I had DD at the Homerton and thought they were absolutely brilliant. The postnatal wards are like all NHS wards I guess, not particularly nice but the delivery was fab. Lovely, lovely midwives. And they have one of the best SCBUs in the country too.

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