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writing a recomendation for your consultant

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youcannotbeserious Thu 24-Jul-08 22:43:31

HAs anyone done this?

I've been asked if I would (and have no problems, as was extremely happy with the care I received) but not really sure what I should write?

What do you guys think?

PortAndLemon Thu 24-Jul-08 22:49:55

I've not done it, but I would have thought

- Brief initial paragraph outlining what you saw him/her for, over what period of the pregnancy, his/her involvement in the actual delivery.

- A general comment about what you thought of him/her as a consultant

- Two or three specific things that you particularly appreciated about him/her / thought he/she did particularly well

- Brief final paragraph about whether you'd use him/her again / recommend him/her to friends

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