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when exactly is it safe to start drinking raspberry tea, what does it do and how much should you drink!

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mumofdjandbabies Mon 07-Jul-08 23:22:21

oh and does it work re bringing on labour !

sleepycat Mon 07-Jul-08 23:24:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maria2007 Tue 08-Jul-08 08:55:36

I've just bought some raspberry leaf tea bags (am 36+1 today) & I'll start drinking it today, I plan to have 2 cups per day for this week & to work up from that. I'm not sure though is the tea bags are the right choice, I seem to remember our NCT teacher saying the loose-leaf tea or the capsules are better. Anyone have any idea? Anyway, for now I'll start with the tea bags & see how it goes...

lulumama Tue 08-Jul-08 08:56:48

it does not induce labour

it tones the uterus to make labour shorter by making the uterus stronger and more efficient

you can drink it from around 36 weeks IIRC. and you can take tablets too.

you can drink it in labour too and afterwards to help uterus contract back down

ellideb Tue 08-Jul-08 10:15:20

You can start drinking one cup a day from 32 weeks, building up to 4 cups a day. It has lots of vitamins and minerals and contains the alkaloid 'fragine' which is said to strengthen and tone the muscles of the uterus, helping them to contract more efficiently during labour. Try this link here

mumofdjandbabies Tue 08-Jul-08 17:26:25

thanks all

Ill read that articel

I think Id prefer the tablets

Not abig tea drinker

hmm now where can you buy the capsules....

MummyToOneForNow Sun 13-Jul-08 08:39:42

You can get the capsules in Holland and Barrett if you haven't found them anywhere else.

Alishanty Sun 13-Jul-08 14:21:58

I have been harvesting rspberry leaves out of my garden, drying them and making the 'tea'. Last preg I drank 2 cups a day from 34 wks and am sure it made a difference as the pushing part lasted only 10 mins and actual labour was about 2 hrs. Last time I bought the loose tea but I can't tell any difference to the stuff that comes from the garden.

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