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Group B Strep and garlic - any ways to get a negative result?

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needahand Wed 14-May-08 16:57:55

I know this has been done many time but I can't find the thread. I think I recall somewhere someone mentioning garlic cloves to get a negative result. Is it an old wife tell or is there some truth in it? Anything else I could try to get a negative result.

The NHS tested me and apparently I was positive. I know their test is unreliable, but I really would like the private one to come back negative as I am planning a home birth and am worried that otherwise my plans will be compromised. Any advice?

needahand Wed 14-May-08 17:11:50


vbacqueen1 Wed 14-May-08 17:22:51

have a look at this
Loads of advice on treating GBS naturally. Good luck!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Wed 14-May-08 17:26:21

This may interest you here

Sorry, I can't be of any more use but I don't have any experience of GBS.

Good luck xx

needahand Wed 14-May-08 17:28:48

Thanks vbac and I like to move it. Will look at the links straightaway

LiegeAndLief Thu 15-May-08 09:20:28

I posted about this on another thread - I did my undergrad research project on the antimicrobial properties of garlic (and basil and black pepper) essential oils. It really does work. Not a guarantee of course but definitely worth a shot.

needahand Thu 15-May-08 10:18:55

Thanks Liege. Can you be more specific about the use of garlic. Do you have to put it up there or is it enough if you eat loads of it?

needahand Thu 15-May-08 10:18:57

Thanks Liege. Can you be more specific about the use of garlic. Do you have to put it up there or is it enough if you eat loads of it?

vbacqueen1 Thu 15-May-08 10:29:03

This was right at the top of that link I gave you:

"Women who are scheduled for GBS testing should insert a clove of garlic that has been peeled but not cut into their vagina at bedtime. Remove and throw away in the a.m. Garlic cloves are a natural and potent antibiotic. The routine is done at bedtime because the taste of the garlic goes to the mouth right away and is better ignored overnight than the daytime. Doing this for 3 nights before the swab will put them in the neg. camp. "

needahand Thu 15-May-08 10:30:23

Thanks Vbacqueen. I did see that but was hoping I could get away with just eating the garlic!! Then again desperate times call for desperate measures! Do you know anyone who has tried it and for whom it worked?

LiegeAndLief Thu 15-May-08 10:35:17

I would definitely use it the way that vbacqueen's link suggests - should be much more effective if a little unpleasant!

needahand Thu 15-May-08 11:02:32

Thanks to all for the advice. I shall try and will report if it works!

needahand Tue 03-Jun-08 12:45:34

As promised I thought I would get back on the thread to report. After the humiliation of the garlic and drinking gallons of Echinecea. I have received my test result and....IT WORKED my test came back negative despite being positive at 28 weeks. so so chuffed. So thanks for the links, they were definitely useful!!

BabiesEverywhere Thu 05-Jun-08 18:02:36

needahand, Details please.

How much garlic for how many weeks at how many weeks pregnant ? and ditto for drinking Echinecea.

BabiesEverywhere Thu 05-Jun-08 18:03:40

Forgot to say congratulations on the negative test.

BabiesEverywhere Sat 07-Jun-08 16:24:46

Bump for needahand

BabiesEverywhere Mon 28-Jul-08 19:03:36

Just wanted to share my good news, I have tested negative for Group B Strep !!!

This is great news as I was told I was positive last pregnancy and I was worried about the effect on this pregnancy.


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