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My hearing has!

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LatteLover12 Sat 19-Sep-20 08:17:08

Has anyone experienced this?

I had my little boy on Wednesday by planned Caesarean section. It was a lovely, calm experience with no complications & we were discharged on Thursday.

Yesterday I noticed a change in my hearing; one side feels 'blocked' or like I'm under water and I can hear a rumbling sound too - like a fridge humming away in my ear.

I'm exhausted, swollen and about 48hrs post surgery. Is this just another weird thing or should I be more worried?

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LatteLover12 Sat 19-Sep-20 10:54:41


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DailyLaundry Sat 19-Sep-20 11:07:01

Congratulations on your baby!
Please do get this looked into. Might be nothing. However my brother permanently lost hearing in one ear after surgery (although unlikely that this is a factor in both) so I'd err on the side of caution if you can.

LatteLover12 Sat 19-Sep-20 13:19:01

Thank you @DailyLaundry 😊

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