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Vbac or repeat Csection

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MsNRJ Mon 10-Aug-20 21:42:53

I am driving myself mad trying to decide what to do. Currently 30 weeks. First baby 9 years ago breach so elective section, second baby 3 years ago same midwife throughout until last appt different midwife who decided I’d stopped growing. Tried balloon catheter induction which didn’t work so option was to force break waters or a second section which I opted for. Baby was find and measurements must just have been wrong so always felt cheated out of my vbac. This time round booked for a 3rd section but feeling so torn. Any experiences or advice would be much appreciated x

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Ohhgreat Mon 10-Aug-20 21:50:15

The normal advice is look at what stopped you from having a vaginal birth the last time, and work out how likely it is to recur. Very difficult for you as it doesn't sound like you've actually ever had a chance to labour!
I think in your shoes, with 2 other kids to deal with and the higher risks of a vba2c, I would go section. Plus you can plan childcare easier!
How did you find the recovery from last time?

DuggeeHugs Tue 11-Aug-20 09:41:39

Have a look on the RCOG website for more detailed information around risks and possibilities as your age and reasons for previous CSs will all factor into your chances of success with a VBAC.

Because I'd not managed to labour, despite a lengthy induction, I had an EMCS. When looking up ELCS vs VBAC for DC2 I read that the chances of VBAC success were somewhere between 50% and 70% given my age and not labouring previously.

Perhaps you could suggest going to a certain date, e.g., 40w+#, and if you haven't begun labour spontaneously you could opt for an ELCS?

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