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Pregnancy after tearing

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SamT210 Fri 01-May-20 10:09:58

Thank you both, I don't seem to be struggling with my pelvic floor at all to be honest. I was just worried because I haven't seen or spoken to anyone medical since our 6 week check and that was more of a "are you coping". I was worried that because I don't seem to have any issues at the moment another pregnancy may cause them? We're definitely waiting until the world is fixed 😂 perhaps be the end of the year before we start trying again.

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georgiams Fri 01-May-20 08:22:48

Hi I had similar to you back to back that wasn't picked up, forces, episiotomy but a 3b tear. This was last May and due to have the next in May this year and all has been fine in respects of the tear etc. X

LillianFullStop Thu 30-Apr-20 17:26:40

Hi @SamT210 - congratulations on your new baby! Sorry about your traumatic birth - my first was back to back, episiotomy and forceps too but 3rd degree tear.

Due with second next month (3 year gap) and am having an ELCS.

If you have recovered well without any lasting pelvic floor issues I don't see how it would have an effect on another pregnancy soon after. Consider when you would feel physically recovered enough to try TTC again. If you have had some pelvic floor issues sometimes it tends to re-occur during pregnancy due to the pregnancy hormones.

SamT210 Wed 29-Apr-20 19:03:48

Hi ladies,

Just after some advice really. Will provide some backstory - I had my son in January. VERY long labour, in and out of the birthing pool. Eventually got to pushing stage and my heart rate was verging on cardiac arrest so was taken to theatre to then have my son delivered by forceps. Also had an episiotomy and he was back to back (wasn't picked up on until his head came out) which resulted in a fourth degree year. I'm feeling fine now and life has returned to somewhat of a normality.

I'm after some advice for second pregnancies after similar experiences. I was due to have a consultant appointment in 2 weeks but that has been cancelled with "no available appointment" to rearrange. My partner and I would like our children to be close in age and therefore are considering after the COVID situation has improved, to try for number 2. I'm 100% going to have a section with number 2 but worried my pregnancy may be affected by the tear. Can anyone reassure me that a second pregnancy within a year is okay after a 4DT? Just after experiences and advise really.


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